HENGE - Spring Sale!

It's the first day of spring tomorrow! The sale for HENGE starts today. You can get the book for only 99 cents for a week. It's a huge discount and I hope you'll take advantage of it!

Do you have friends who like to read fantasy? Consider gifting HENGE so they can catch up and stay tuned for the next book coming out this year! I HIGHLY recommend finishing HENGE before the second book promotions come out because you don't want any spoilers.

Check out the full size art below that I made for the spring sale. I'm planning to illustrate each of the lovely Arthurian ladies with their respective flowers each spring.

Morgan le Fay

Morgan's flower had to be blood-red roses, of course. Not the kind you buy at the store--the kind in the wild: beetle-bitten, thorny, and rawly fragrant. 

I hope you'll enjoy the sale!



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