Le Fay Series - Research Travel: Tintagel, Part 2: Town

Today I am posting photos from Tintagel--the town itself! Tintagel is Morgan le Fay's hometown in HENGE. Prior to my travel, I googled Tintagel a lot since it was one of the most important places for me to research for the story and I dreamt of going there in person. I was so excited to actually be there! It was surreal. 

Tintagel is a very peaceful town. I can't imagine anyone ever being stressed out there. There's also a ton of sheep! We went to say hi to some and they bounced away from us at lightning speed like cottonballs on springs. They're so cute!

These beautiful slate fences divide the fields everywhere. I just loved them.

Tracing Morgan's steps in Tintagel. I could easily relate to her. I also grew up in small towns. No matter how beautiful, I yearned to go to the cities and see the world and seek my dreams. It was easy to walk in her shoes and understand her thoughts here.

Picture book style town! So cute:

We stopped by King Arthur's Arms for lunch. Got some Cornish tea and pasties! So delicious.

Some more food we had through the trip. This is breakfast in Tintagel (and most parts of Britain)... Wowza! Joey and I don't eat big breakfasts... we are kind of a eat a piece of toast and go about your day type of people. We are not used to a big plate of assorted proteins. I got a sense of morning rituals during my travel with the tea and all different food first thing in the morning. It's nice to be at a place where things are slowed down enough to enjoy a breakfast. I included a breakfast scene in HENGE to show this morning feast aspect that I imagined to be a memorable part of Morgan's childhood and perhaps a grounding element for her:

At night we went to a seaside restaurant. It was a tiny place made of stones and we had to drive down the most narrow road to get there. I had the best meal I had in Britain there. It was local sea bass. So delicious! I had to include this meal in HENGE:

I hope you enjoyed my photos from peaceful Tintagel!



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