News Week - 11/09/15

It's the release week! Yay! I hope you're as excited as I am. 

   --Preorder button is up. When you preorder not only do you get the copy as soon as it's available, but you help SWORD get a healthy release day boost.

   --Want to help me celebrate? Please consider signing up for the book blitz.

   --Want to read SWORD now? I am sending out review copies. Please contact me (rtlovejoy (at) yahoo) if you are interested.

   --Release day: Due to Amazon's 10 day upload policy, I had to move the release day one day later to 11/11 but at least it will be released Tuesday midnight. Apologies for the inconvenience! 

   --SWORD is on Goodreads.

   --If you are interested in helping the series, please post a review to help readers learn more about the book.

   --Tomorrow: Special release day art!

   --Wednesday: Release day post with playlist!

Thank you so much everyone!



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