News Week - 11/16/15

First review of SWORD is in! Check it out here.

"All the plot twists in this novel are enough to give me a heart attack. While I can't reveal them for obvious reasons, just know that this book will take you on an amazingly epic journey that will leave in a state of shock by just how freaking amazing it it."

SWORD book blitz is running this week with a giveaway (gift card and ebooks)! Hope you win something!

Peek at the Kindle version of SWORD:

In other news, I took a class run by Annie Pearson and learned about organizing my manuscript using MS Word tools. Super useful! You can control your manuscript on the first page of the Word doc if you learn to set it up. Also seems like a useful way to create a super outline. If you are interested in learning about it, check out her webpage where she posts the info.



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