SWORD - Sneak Peek Part 2!

I found another sneak peek scene from SWORD! This is within the first 50 pages and features Morgan and Merlin. You can read the whole book one week from today! 

           As I walk away, adrenaline runs through me. My dress blazes behind me like fire as I march toward him. The crowd parts for me as if I’m electric.
I take a breath and focus on Merlin. He stands in the middle of a crowd and is talking to a Relic Keeper. Squeezing past people, I approach him. When he sees me he does a double take before settling on a questioning and wary look.
“Congratulations,” I say, extending my hand.
Everyone stares at us. Some begin to whisper amongst themselves. The Relic Keeper walks away. Merlin doesn’t seem to notice—he is too consumed with staring at my hand as if it’s a knife. Slowly, he takes it. I keep a tight grip so he can’t pull away.
“Thank you,” Merlin says, barely audible. “I’m overwhelmed.”
He tries to release his hand from my grasp.
I step closer to him and lower my voice. “Everyone is staring. This is humiliating for me. I didn’t see the invite so I didn’t know we were supposed to wear blue.”
“Don’t worry about it.”
“I thought you’d like to know that I decided to take your advice.”
Merlin blinks in surprise before giving me the smallest smile of relief, understanding my meaning. “I’m glad.”
“So let’s say good-bye.” I step away, still holding his hand, and curtsy. “Please put on a show of peace. Dance with me. It’s not true what you said, about me not liking you.”
Merlin hesitates before nodding weakly. He’s shaky as he guides me into a dance. Everyone watches us with interest, especially Vivian as she continues to play her violin.
“Still uneasy?” I ask.
Merlin winces and then sighs. “You said all those nice things earlier, but your energy is aggressive. I feel your fire magic through your hand.”
My brow twitches. “So? Isn’t it what you do as well? Hide feelings under nice words?”
“You’re still angry.”
My dancing becomes more mechanical as frustration sets in. He sure knows how to ruin the amicable mood.

This is just a hint of their tumultuous rival-friend relationship... Get ready for more! Tomorrow I am posting the art preview, so please come back to visit again tomorrow! Xo



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