SWORD - Release Day!

Yipee! SWORD is officially out. It debuted at #15 Arthurian bestseller and is listed as hot new release on amazon! 

First non-spoiler review is in!

If you'd like to have the best reading experience, I recommend avoiding spoilers in reviews. It's a super pivotal point in Morgan le Fay's journey. HENGE was an introduction to get to this story that I've been wanted tell for a long time. I wrote this draft five years and am so thrilled to finally be able to share it. 

This is the most fun manuscript I've worked on and certainly my favorite so far in the Le Fay Series. I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed working on this.

As stated in the acknowledgment... THANK YOU GUYS! 

Party on! SWORD inspired playlist:

Here are some of my personal notes on the songs:

Eternal -- One my favorite instrumental pieces. Sums up Sword perfectly.

Immigrant Song -- The opening to the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is gorgeous. I love love it. Dark imagery with water and fire certainly is inspire-worthy for this series.

Stole my Fame -- Heard this while writing Sword. Such a perfect Morgan & Merlin song.

Feel it in My Bones -- This song reminds me of when Morgan le Fay learns love.

Clubbed to Death -- I want this series to be epic, dramatic... like this song!

Castle of Chaythe -- Dark. Haunting. Totally got me in the mood to write some dark stuff for this book.

Dark Dark Heart -- Could be applied to most of my stories. What can I say?

Lotsa work! I got myself this lil reward:

If you've already begun reading, my advice: Keep calm and keep reading. Happy reading! 

Sincerely Yours,



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