CLAN - Book Release Party Pt.1

Here are the pics from the CLAN Book Release Party in Seattle. This is part one because my best friend Morgan--a photographer--is still working on her batch of photos. You'll have to put up with my pixelated photos for now. :) 

Edit: My awesome coworker Derrick (a talented photographer) gave me permission to post his photos from the party--so now there's more!:

Below are my (pixelated) photos--The table full of free goods:

Closeup...see the Clan buttons and the postcards of the Five Values:

Projector image--we had the trailer streaming on silent:


 Me and my best friend:

One of the drinks at the party that I created...called the Y-Chromosome. I'll post the party drinks later:

Clones cookies and hexagon crackers:

It was very nice to have my friends and family at the party! It was so fun that it was all a fast-motion blur. I got an amazing amount of support setting everything up--thank you everyone! It's a night I will always remember.



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