News Week - 01/13/14

This week starts off with new reviews and a big sale!


  --Check out Paula's It's a Book Thing! I was very excited when I saw this review and am so honored that CLAN is now one of Paula's favorite books. 

"This turned out to be one of the best book that I’ve read. It’s original, refreshing and fast-paced! It kept me on the edge of my seat and found myself screaming on it’s twists and turns!"
--Paula's It's a Book Thing!

"The plot was also exciting. I had no idea where it was going. There were constant twists, tension and surprise."
--Breezy Reads

  --I'm a Voracious Reader also reviews CLAN!

"Whoa. This is a pretty good sci-fi dystopian about clones and how, no matter what kind of Rules or Laws there are, a human being is a complex organism."
--I'm a Voracious Reader


  --Book blogger Candace interviews me on her blog about indie publishing! I hope you guys will check it out if you're curious about my experience with it thus far. 


  --CLAN New Year Sale has begun!! CLAN ebook is discounted to 99 cents and the paperback under $8.50 until next Monday! Please enjoy the discount while it's on. I am doing a sale kick-off giveaway tomorrow.


  --Hope you guys got to check out part one of CLAN Book Release Party pics last week! My awesome coworker Derrick also gave me permission to post his photos, which I've added.

  --Thursday I am posting CLAN accessories! 

To everyone who's been taking the time to review CLAN...Thank you so much! It's truly the most helpful thing you can do for an author and it's highly appreciated. Getting feedback is always good and I still get wibbly happy feelings when a reader gets CLAN and it's honestly been the most rewarding part of publishing CLAN.

Happy Sales Week!



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