CLAN - Book Release Party Pt.2 - Accessories

Accessories I wore for the CLAN book release party:

As soon as I saw this ring, I thought it was very sci-fi and CLAN. Robotic ring with a computer piece inside from paolamirai--be sure to check out the site! They have a bunch of neat sci-fi jewelry:

I was surprised how many people noticed I was wearing clones. Clone necklace I put together:

Hexagon earrings--hexagons are what the Clans use in their architecture because it is the most space-saving shape:

Clan pin (can be won in giveaways)! The Clans wear this symbol which represents the Y-chromosome and the meaning of cloning, which was first conveyed long ago by breaking a branch:

My Clan-themed nails (white nail polish with an overcoat of blue hexagons):

I wore a white dress to match the CLAN uniform.

Don't forget...CLAN New Year Sale ends Sunday night!



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