News Week - 01/20/14

Wow, half-point of January already? CLAN has been out for two months now. I hope you enjoyed the New Year Sale and giveaway!


  --Book Lovin' Hippo reviews CLAN! A great summary--I hope you'll check it out! 

Imagine everyone around you is exactly the same as you- a complete carbon copy.
Imagine a world where you have a number but no name, you are simply Clan 5679.
Imagine a world where you are told what you will “become”- you do not have a choice as to whether you will be a carpenter or a nurse."
--Book Lovin' Hippo

  --Loving the Language of Literacy reviews CLAN! She provides a very in-depth review and weaves in quotes from the book.

"My favorite part about about Clan is that the characters are linked individuals. They are supposed to basically be a Utopian society, the fact that they're all the same having nothing to do with it. There are over six THOUSAND clans on their so called "home planet". Each and every one, except for Father Krume and a few other superiors, is the same. They look the same, they act the same, they are the same. Their biggest point in society is unity, being the same, working as a cohesive unit.
--Sofia Li, Loving the Language Literacy 

Author Visit:

  --Interested in asking me questions? Well, I will be on a live chat this Saturday along with other authors on ReadOn! I hope you'll tune in. It's my first virtual author visit. 

EDIT: Live Chat is cancelled! Will be rescheduled later.


  --On Wednesday I will be posting part three of CLAN party pics...the cocktails! I'm really excited about this one so I hope you'll check out what I concocted for the party.




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