CLAN - Book Release Party Pt.3 - Cocktails!

Clan-themed cocktails!!!! I was excited to come up with these for the party. I hope you'll try 'em out--they came out tasty and visually interesting. (The drink will make more sense if you've read the CLAN book.)

Introducing... The Incubation Tank! If you've read the book, you know the Incubation Tank is bubbly and blue.

Splash a little curaƧao into a champagne glass, add a little sugar, squeeze in lemon juice, pour in champagne, then top with lychee juice. Garnish with lychee and voila! The Incubation Tank:

This one was everyone's favorite. It tastes super refreshing. The Y-Chromosome! As you may know, Clans are an all-male society. I the heck do they survive without women? Drink a lot of Y-Chromosomes, I guess.

How did I make that Y-Shaped gummy candy? Well, it was a pain. I bought a giant, raspberry gummy bear and cut it all up to make that shape. Actually, my little brother did most of the cutting the night before the party. He's so nice. 

Splash in Hypnotique generously. Add a shot of gin, fill with tonic. Yum!!!

Look at this fellow. So handsome:

Next... The Hexagonal!

This was favored by the crowd who likes bourbon. It's a splash of cream soda mixed with bourbon. The garnish is honeycomb! It adds sweetness, plus represents the ever-present hexagons in Clan.

The three studs together: 

This was the menu at the party:

I hope you guys try out the cocktails! If you do, let me know what you think.



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