Trip - Joshua Tree National Park

My husband and I went to Joshua Tree National Park for a 24 hour camping trip. We were in CA for a wedding and thought it'd be a good chance to finally check out the park we've always wanted to go to.

We hiked along a trail. The temperature was perfect and the day was sunny. The desert was beautiful with many different and uniquely shaped foliage and colorful flowers in yellow and purple hues. We saw a squirrel, lizard, quail, and a jack rabbit. 

For dinner we had wine and campfire roasted hot dogs. For dessert, s'mores! 

What we didn't expect? Wind! It was very windy so we unfortunately couldn't do the stargazing we wanted to do. The stars were in fact bright and beautiful, but we were unable to stay out long. We were hoping to be able to lie out to gaze at the stars and keep the top off our tent... but with the wind, the top had to be secure. Perhaps next time when there's less wind? Is there a day that's not windy in the park? I don't know a lot about the desert. 



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