News Week - 08/31/09

Blog News:

September guest-bloggers, I will ping those that expressed interest shortly, but please send me your article no later than September 12th (Saturday)! I will need time to schedule your article before I take off.

Article can be about anything book related. If you prefer a theme, you can write about a book that influenced you or how writing your book helped you grow and why. Thanks, everyone!

If you have it written, just send it on over. My email: rtlovejoy (at) yahoo (dot) com

Interviews will pause while I'm gone. (Sept 17th-30th.)


Book News:

CLAN will be on second round of submission. I'm doing a bunch of illustration stuff...and Book2 is being prepped. (Just got the whole clean-up done.)

At work, I'm on a deadline and finally got travel plans down. So much is going on!


Book buzz:

--YA authors, read this! YA is going up!

--An article about the QueryShark, Janet Reid. (I want to draw her a shark.) She also posted a short article--every author with a blog should read this.

--Some info about the silent movie Neil Gaiman is working on. I can imagine how fun that must be!

--Wow. I love seeing a good book trailer! This one is for HOLD STILL. Watch it.

--Hope you all got your copy of Catching Fire. It's the next big thing. (YES--SCI-FI!!!!)

--Malinda Lo's ASH is out. I love the cover SO much.

--Rachelle Gardner writes about what's in and what's out.

--Nathan Bransford is hosting Writer Appreciation Week. What a nice guy!

--Kristin Nelson posts about the agony of defeat and an example of bad publicity

--S.E. Hinton will be at Seattle's Bumbershoot. (I love The Outsiders!) I'm afraid I'm going to miss this though...I'm going to an Escher gallery. 

--Lisa and Laura posts about The Hope Tank

--Good bye, Reading Rainbow!




  1. Hi - new to your blog & would like to send you something I wrote about The Alchemist, but I'm not sure how to proceed. Thanks for your help!

  2. Hey, K.M! Just send me your blog article to rtlovejoy (at) yahoo (dot) com! Thank you and welcome to the blog!


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