HENGE - Blog Tour Recap pt. 8!

My two books (Henge and Clan) are on sale on Amazon UK now for a few days so I went over to the site to check it out and saw this:

Henge has been the #1 Arthurian bestseller for a week. Hurray! I'm glad Henge found an audience in the UK where Henge is set in.

In other news I finished the second draft of the next book in the Le Fay Series. Whenever I sat to write it, I wrote without hardly any pause--the story coursed through me. Now I must revise it and then send it to my developmental editor.

Some new reviews:

"I loved Morgan, she’s one of my favorite characters ever. I would recommend this book to all YA fans, especially if they like fantasy."
--Bedazzled Reading

"Beautiful and fierce imagery that would make for a spectacular movie or challenge a comic book illustrator."

"Henge is a well-written, unique take on a classic story. Playing with the Arthurian legend can be a risky thing, but the author has made it just different enough to make it her own."

Plain Talk BM interviews me on my writing process!
Miss Little Book Addict interviews Guinevere from Henge!

Portrait of Guinevere!

My research trip to Stonehenge!

Coming up next... photos from Avebury and a portrait of Lancelot!

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