HENGE - Book Release Party

Photos are now up from the Henge book release party! Prior to the party I was baking all day (cakes, scones, and pasties). I chose a cozier venue than the Clan book release party and it turned out great. All of my dear friends and family members showed up! It was so much fun.

All photos were taken by Maxine Toh Photography.

Me with the book:

I have a purplish shirt that had a medieval-ish cut so I chose that to wear. Necklace: blue stone necklace I got from the Stonehenge gift shop during my travels. Nails: Butter London nail polish in Black Knight.

I created honey mead cupcakes for the party and attempted to make chocolate Stonehenge on top of each one... I'm sure the real Stonehenge was hard to make but so were these little ones!

Scones that Gorlois (Morgan's father) made in Henge--marmalade & currant + lavender & blackberry:

Cornish pasties! Specialties from Morgan's hometown, Tintagel:

Drinks created by me--Morgan le Fay, Merlin, and Henge:

Merlin (garnished with a star!):

Henge (has whiskey stone in it) and Merlin:

Morgan le Fay:

Arthur's Round badge!

For paperback purchases, money was put under the wizard hat (I forgot to bring a jar):

It was a really wonderful time! I hope you enjoyed pictures from the party. I think Maxine did a fantastic job capturing the details from the party!



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