Interview FAQ

Here's a FAQ to help answer some basic questions regarding the illustrated interview series!

Current Interview Acceptance Status: OPEN

1) How does this interview thing work?

If you fit the requirements below, email me. It may take me a day to get back to you. Once you answer my questions and give me your character description, I will slot you into the next available interview spot and spend an hour or two on your drawing. I will then send it to you for review and approval.

2) Who can be interviewed?

-Authors: I am open to interviewing authors who are getting published this year, next year, or have been published this year. (For instance, it's the year 2013 right now, so I will be interviewing 2013 and early 2014 releases.) You will also need to have a website or blog I can link back to. (If your work is nonfiction but relevant to writing and story, I may consider it or suggest guest blogging.)

-Agent and editors: If you choose to do a five questions interview, I can draw a picture of you. For examples, check out the interviews I did with agent Suzie Townsend and Diana Fox.

-Illustrators/Comic Artists: Must have published artwork (or soon to be published artwork), whether it be books, film, or comics. Must have website or blog. I can also draw a picture of you or your character for the interview.

3) What do I need to do to get interviewed?

Just introduce yourself, tell me who your publisher is, and give me a link to your webpage so that I can easily learn about you. Other than that, have a willingness to chat about yourself and your character. 

--Clarify your writer name to me at the start. I usually assume the name on your email is the author name.

--Authors: you are responsible for double-checking with your publisher and agent if you are allowed to participate in this interview.

--If you decide you can't do the interview for whatever reason, notify me immediately before I start working on the art.

4) Can I use the illustration on my site or blog?

Yes. You can use it as an avatar. If you choose to display the art on your website and/or blog, please include credit and/or a link to my site. If you'd like avatar versions and don't know how to crop pictures (for perhaps your Twitter account), you can request me to make icon versions and I will happily do so.

5) Can I use the art for merchandise or put the art into my book?

No, I'm afraid you cannot use the art for profit or as an official part of your book. I have given permission to some authors to use the art on merchandise that they are giving away for free. You can always ask me if you have questions about the use. (Along the same lines, please don't refer to the art as fan art in your promotion.) If you'd like to use my art officially, you may hire me to freelance or talk to your publisher about contracting me for work.

6) Can I link to your interviews?

Of course! I highly encourage it.

If you have further questions, let me know. I'm sure this FAQ will keep getting updated and some things may change.

Looking forward to meeting you,



  1. Wow, sounds like you're in demand, Realm! Now that everyone has seen your amazing pictures they want one for themselves!

  2. I love the amazing picture of me :) (And also the icons you made for me). It's fabulous. No wonder you're getting so many questions.

  3. Lisa and Laura -- Thank you so much for referring all the amazing authors! I love 'em! :D

    Suzie -- I'm so glad you like the picture! I really hoped you would. :)


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