News - Week 08/17/09

Blog News:

I will be gone for a week and a half  towards the end of next month. My work is sending me off to TOKYO GAME SHOW!! Oh my God, I'm so excited. This means I am looking for guest bloggers for the time I am gone. Authors, you can blog about your book or the craft of writing. Agents can rant. Illustrators can talk about a recent piece of work he/she did. Anything book-related goes, so if you're interested, email me at rtlovejoy (at) yahoo (dot) com!

Also, the interviews are still going strong! There's a lot pending. It will go on until I make a post stating it's closed. 


Book News:

CLAN is still on submission.

I'm aiming to have Book2 ready to be beta-read next month. (This book is not related to CLAN.)


Book buzz:

--John Scalzi showed me this awesome post and made my day. (Had no idea he visited my office and played Portal.) 

--Did you know the photographer that did the Twilight movie posters and DVD cover is 19-years-old? Check out his awesome work. Oh my God. What a successful, talented guy. 

--Congrats to Melissa Walker for her new book deal!

--Skype is becoming a common promotion tool! Kate Messener got a request to do an author visit via Skype. I heard of more authors doing visits with it too.

--Latest sci-fi movies: Avatar, District 9, and Hunger Games...I somehow think sci-fi is becoming more popular again. At least, I hope so! 

--After December 1st, The Tenners (a group for authors debuting in 2010) will be closed for new members. I still hope I can be a Tenner. Fingers crossed.

--Interview with Molly O'neill, assistant editor with HarperCollins, about promoting your work.




  1. Man, we want to be Tenners too. I suppose there's still hope...

    How exciting that you're getting ready for beta readers. We're officially jealous!

    And if you need help with a guest blog we'd love to chip in. Just let us know.

  2. Yes! I hope we'll be Tenners! I wonder what a 2011 deb would be called...Elevener?

    I'm always a bit nervous having a new story read!

    Awesome. I would love to have you gals guest blog. I can ping you next month!

  3. Good stuff. :) Thank you, Realm!

    I do hope you become a Tenner too -- I love the whole idea of classes and I've come to follow them, stalk them (perhaps...). Good luck!

  4. Thanks, Weronika!

    I love the idea of Tenners. I'm a bit of a Tenner-stalker myself... :)


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