Thursday, July 30, 2009

Inspiration - "Polyphemus Moth"

Greetings from Providence, Rhode Island!

Over at my cousin's house, we found the craziest moth we've ever seen. My pet-store extraordinaire cousin immediately caught it and identified it. It's the rare Polyphemus Moth. (We let it go after the photoshoot and geeking out over it.)

Behold the beauty! Note that the moth is the size of my cousin's hand.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Art Saves

Thank you, Readergirlz and Little Willow, for having me contribute to Art Saves! You can see my Art Saves post at both Readergirlz and Little Willow's blog.


This Art Saves piece was inspired by the news story about Colby Curtin, whose dying wish was to see the movie UP by Pixar before she passed away. It's an example of how much artistic creations can mean to us. During hard times, sometimes we just hold onto the simple and happy things in life.

Shortly after I started this painting, I received news that my grandmother has cancer and may only have a few months left to live. It would mean a lot to me if I could dedicate this painting towards collecting what she loves most.

I am offering to send a signed print of this piece. Instead of paying me for the print plus shipping, all you have to do to get a print is to buy 
a ten stem bouquet or a Pinky Tree on-line and have it sent to my grandmother. (She misses gardening very much.) One can never have too many flowers! 

If you are interested or have questions, just give me an email at 
rtlovejoy (at) yahoo (dot) com 

I'll accept requests up until August 10th of this year. Thank you!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

News Week - 07/13/09

The Summer Revision Smackdown is still going on. It's a more "chill" version this month. My goals are to get min 4K words done per week and also two illustrations. I got a Whip of The Week and honorable mention! Hurray!

Art-wise, I upgraded my computer. I have an iMac and the new large Wacom Intuos 4 and Photoshop CS4. My paintings are going to improve a ton now that I can actually make clean brush strokes with the upgrade. Plus, I can see every little detail.

My second novel is a quarter done. I'm in suspense how it's going to turn out. I'm ready to start doing some sketches for it and feel out the characters, product identity, and setting. So exciting!


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nobuo Uematsu

As some of you know, I am in the video game industry. Being inescapably interwoven into nerd-dom, I was fortunate enough to attend Nobuo Uematsu's interview over at the DigiPen campus. (Where I went to school.)

Uematsu-san is the composer for the Final Fantasy series. He is the biggest icon in video game music. Even if you don't play games, his gorgeous music is well worth listening to and inspiring for both art and writing. I have so many memories associated with his music, it's like nostalgia Niagara Falls. Final Fantasy VII? One of the best games ever made. Period.

Whether you're a writer or an artist, you can glean some wisdom from his advice, which I will jot down here (to the best of my memory).

When asked how Uematsu-san handles "writer's block," he simple said that he is not allowed such a block. If he approaches making a new piece by thinking he will make a "master piece" he will not get anywhere. Instead, whether it's a good idea or a bad one, he just starts it, knowing that once the ball gets rolling something will come out of it.

Uematsu-san states that he tries to do what he hasn't done before. It adds exhilaration to his creativity. He wants to be a little scared and excited when composing a piece. He also pays close attention to what music he hears that inspires him to use as a diving board. He advises everyone to not pay attention to what is popular, but instead, to take what excites you in your heart.

Another interesting comment is that back in the day, he could only use three notes and that was difficult for composing. Yet, that boundary forced him to be more creative, and he believes constraints can often be empowering to growth, not limiting.

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Cheers, Uematsu-san!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Zombie Walk 2009

I accomplished one of my life-time dreams: dance to "Thriller" with zombies.

I'll be a better zombie next time though. I didn't even have blood on. (Probably just looked like a starved artist.)

To clarify, the "Zombie Walk" is an event that happens once a year in Seattle. (And some other cities, I assume.) Thousands of people dress up as zombies and amble down the streets. I heard that this year, we almost broke the Guinness World Record--but was only short of a couple hundred zombies. Darn. The best part? In honor of MJ, we also had a giant Thriller dance in the middle of Fremont! I think there should be a Thriller dance every year! Because...I mean...What could be more awesome than Thriller, really? Maybe a mountain made out of chocolate? (Brains?) Not even.