Friday, October 30, 2015

Le Fay Series - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! 

Last year I drew Morgan dressed as a sorceress. This year I am adding Merlin dressed as a wizard.

I've got a busy October getting SWORD ready so I'm simply wearing a wizard hat this Halloween to greet trick-or-treaters and I hope to watch scary movies during the night. Hope you guys have an awesome Halloween! 


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

SWORD - Sneak Peek

SWORD will be out in 2 weeks on 11/10! If you'd like a review copy, I should have them ready next week. Just let me know. 

I have to admit it was tricky to find a sample that contains no spoiler for both the audience who read Henge and who hasn't. The book starts with a major spoiler, starting with the first sentence! 

Well I found this sample (which I believe is non-spoilery) within the first 15 pages of SWORD. I hope it gives you a taste:

When I glance at Lancelot, he is studying me like he thinks I’ve gone mad, and it occurs to me I probably have a dark expression over my face.
“Look,” Lancelot says, bowing his head slightly. “Before the final trial, I told you that I wanted you to not think of me as the High Knight behind closed doors. That maybe we could be friends. I’m not sure if what I thought at the time is possible, but for one minute, let me be an ordinary person interested in your well-being. You are too hard on yourself. You have a bright future, though you may not see it right now. see it.” He puts his hand on his chest to emphasize his conviction.
Seeing him friendlier makes me squirm—it’s somehow worse than when he’s being tough on me. I want to scream and run out the room and over the hills.
He walks closer to me and I’m afraid he’ll smell my sweat.
“You’re tortured to hear this,” he says as if he can see through me. “I don’t know what happened to you in the past and what you’re suffering from, but if you could just trust me, I’ll prove to you that you’ll find a fulfilling career in Camelot.”
Turning my head, I hold my thin gown closer against my chest, afraid that it’s not enough cover.
“Please,” I say. “I appreciate your words, but you don’t understand—”
There is a knock at the opened door. Father peers in.
“Everything okay?” he asks sharply.
He glances at me before eyeing Lancelot.
“Everything is fine, sir,” Lancelot replies and steps away from me. “Good day, Ms. Le Fay. Glad we have an understanding.”
I catch the questioning look Father gives Lancelot. For a second Lancelot looks insecure as he slumps his shoulders just a tiny bit. I realize then that Father intimidates Lancelot. Father was once a highly respected knight himself. Lancelot is still young after all, especially for the High Knight. 
Lancelot gives me a curt nod as Father guides him out.
“Apologies for the intrusion, sir,” Lancelot says.
Father doesn’t look happy. “I understand your job. I once had to do similar tasks myself.”
As I hear their footsteps recede, I am left to face dread. I don’t know what ideas will spring from my mind to deal with this conundrum. But I know whatever course of action I choose to take will be my worst and best idea—terrible and unstoppable, like a forest fire. I know this but cannot do anything about it, just as a drowning person cannot help but try to stay afloat to breathe. This is my attempt to take a breath before sinking. To push past that strong current that keeps me in one place.
I take the statue of Astolat off my nightstand and hold on to her.
“Please… please,” I whisper to her. “Don’t let me…”
Don’t let me what?
What am I afraid of doing?  
As my room darkens, the question haunts me.    

Interested in the series? Read the first book HENGE here. And you can add SWORD to Goodreads here. SWORD will be out in a couple weeks on 11/10!


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Video Games - Halo 5 Release!

Halo 5 is out! Yaaaaay! I'm so proud of this game. I'm also honored to be credited as one of the cinematic environment artists:

In case you haven't seen it, watch this to get a taste of the cinematics! 

Phew, new game out and... my book SWORD is coming out in two weeks! Stay tuned. I'm releasing the sneak preview of SWORD tomorrow.


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

SWORD - Release Date 11/10/15

SWORD is out next month! In less than 3 weeks, to be exact! SWORD is now on Goodreads and I hope you'll add it to your shelf.

Reminder: you can get a free review copy from me. Just take a peek at the requirements, which are pretty basic (in short: read Henge and review it prior to starting Sword). If you'd like a copy, please send an email to rtlovejoy (at) yahoo (dot) com

Are you ready for the journey?


Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Honeymoon - Part Two: Santorini

Part two of honeymoon photos! This features our main honeymoon stop: Santorini, the moon-shaped island! When I saw the photos online of the white buildings, romantic sunset, photogenic setting, and azure ocean... I knew this was the perfect destination for us! And it was. The people of Anastasis, where we stayed, couldn't have been kinder. They set up special treats for us every night (sunset drinks, private candle lit spa just for us... and all for free). The people of Greece were against a financial crisis during our stay, yet the people were the most generous here than anywhere else I've been to in the world. Seriously sweet people with big hearts! I think you'll be able to glimpse their genuine kindness in every photo of the treats they prepared and the setting they created for us.

We experienced many wonderful adventures. My favorite was when we rented an ATV and drove around the island super fast, getting lost and dusty, yet having a lot of fun. I also enjoyed watching the sky turn dark every night while sitting in the jacuzzi. The sky had a special treat for us: Venus and Jupiter were aligning during our honeymoon week!

Dear people of Santorini, thank you for making our honeymoon wonderful!


Monday, October 19, 2015

Video games - Halo 5 Trailer

I'm so excited that Halo 5 is almost out! It's been such an awesome experience working on this epic sci-fi with incredible world building and art style. I got to work on a lot of cinematic set dressing. This is the 7th shipped game that I've had the honor to work on since the beginning and I'm thankful for the quality games I've been able to work on during the first ten years of my career. Hope you enjoy the trailer!

Speaking of video games, I also wanted to share the awesome project my friends have been working on. As a lover of outer space, I'm stoked! Check it out:



Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Honeymoon - Part One: Mykonos

Posting some photos from the honeymoon! A day after our wedding, Joey and I took off to Europe. Our main stop was in Santorini but we got to stop by a few other places on the way there and back. I've split up the posts into three since there are so many photos. I picked a few from each location. On our way to Santorini, we stopped by Mykonos for three days. The town is so picturesque--all the buildings are white. One of my favorite stops was in Delos--a little island by Mykonos. It was so fun to explore the island full of ancient ruins, especially because I love history and legends. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Next stop will be Santorini.