Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Artist - Chip Kidd

Last Wednesday I got to see Chip Kidd at Town Hall! Chip is my favorite book cover artist. His work is iconic, energetic, lively, fresh, bold, creative, and he can turn a book into an art piece. He has the ability to distill a story into a single image. Not to mention he had done cover work for my favorite graphic novelist Tezuka Osamu. Chip's work is what inspires me as a book cover artist.

Below are examples of his work:

Here is Chip signing my Buddha book!

I hope you guys check out more of his work! 


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

News Week - 02/17/14

I hope you enjoyed the Valentine's Day gift last week! I have been busy at work revising a new YA novel. 

Now... More reviews!

  --Whimsical Nature reviews CLAN!

"Realm Lovejoy did a brilliant job creating characters that may have all the same physical attributes, but they all had their own quirks, even if their society didn’t allow them to display these traits in public."--Whimsical Nature

  --Mary's Cup of Tea reviews CLAN! (Contains spoilers.)

"It's really a unique story and the author really has a great imagination to think up something like this, but it would be awful to live on a planet where everyone is cloned and they unfortunately, only have one species, the male to clone, so all of the clones are males that look like just one man."--Mary's Cup of Tea

I enjoy hearing from everyone about their experience reading CLAN. Thank you for the letters!


Friday, February 14, 2014


Happy Valentine's Day from CLAN! To share the love, I am giving CLAN eBook away for free on Valentine's Day! Please enjoy!

Are you celebrating with champagne? Why not try a Clan-style champagne? 

Enjoy the free book!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

News Week - 02/10/14

This week starts out with more reviews!

  --Spiced Latte Reads reviews CLAN!

"Clan was so different from any Dystopia/Sci-Fi book I read, it was fantastic. I definitely did not expect the twists and non-stop action that was on every page of this book. It was disturbing, sad, ridiculous, and I felt incredible close with all three characters. "--Spiced Latte Reads

  --Gateway to a Different World reviews CLAN! (Note: You might just want to read the last half if you don't want spoilers.)

"This nail biting read has amazing twist and turns which kept me hooked up till the end. The situation felt almost real and has awesome and nicely sketched of characters. 
The plot is filled with so many unpredictable surprises that after 50% book I stopped the guessing game and kept my eyes glued to look for the next bomb in the plot." --Gateway to a Different World

Also, keep an eye out for a special surprise on Valentine's Day!