Monday, December 12, 2016

Winter Sale 2016!

Today marks the beginning of the biggest sale ever for my books! To celebrate the GRAIL book release, you'll find most of my books are 99 cents (or less) for this week only

GRAIL had a healthy release day, climbing to the top 15 Arthurian Bestseller rank on Amazon. Review copies are available for anyone interested. 

YABound is hosting the GRAIL book blitz this week. To check out an excerpt you haven't read yet and also to participate in the raffle, go over to the site!

I hope everyone has a great pre-holiday week! 


Tuesday, December 6, 2016

GRAIL - Happy Book Release Day!

YAY! GRAIL is out! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Any review posted will be hugely appreciated!

For those wondering about the paperback, I will aim to have them available next spring.

The bookblitz hosted by YABound runs next week--go over to the site if you want to join in!

GRAIL-inspired party mix:



Monday, December 5, 2016

GRAIL - Get Ready!

Tomorrow GRAIL eBook officially releases! Keep an eye on Amazon for when it becomes available. It will hopefully pop into the store around midnight or early morning.

Morgan vs Merlin... Part Three!

Music to celebrate the GRAIL release:

I love the drama and epicness of this piece and it suits GRAIL (esp at the end). 

Opening chapter:

Enjoy the book!


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

GRAIL - Cover Reveal!

At long last... the GRAIL (Le Fay Series 3) cover is here! GRAIL is due next week, Tuesday 12/06!

The cover features the grail and I hope hints at the journey, discovery, and magic:

Please help me celebrate the reveal by sharing this blog post! You will get a chance to enter this raffle:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Would love to hear your thoughts. I hope you guys like it and are excited for Morgan's next chapter! I'm giving away review copies this week, so contact me if you want one! Haven't read the previous two books? Go read them now!

GRAIL comes out next Tuesday.


Monday, November 28, 2016

News Week - 11/28/16

Cover reveal for GRAIL is tomorrow! I will also be posting a raffle for a chance to win prizes! I hope you'll help me celebrate and share the reveal. 

GRAIL eBook release: 12/06/16 ... one more week!

Reminder: You can go to YABound to sign up to join the GRAIL book blitz!

Come back tomorrow to see the cover of GRAIL!


Monday, November 21, 2016

News Week - 11/21/16

Continuing the tradition of Week of Thanks, I'm donating all of my book sales this week to Holiday Stockings For Homeless Children. I will also match the sales. You can read more about the origin of the sale here.

GRAIL is now on Goodreads. If you'd like to be ready for when the book is out, be sure you're all caught up with the last two books!

Updated GRAIL ebook release date: 12/06/16

Cover reveal is next week! Stay tuned. This time I am hosting the reveal right here on this blog. 

If you'd like to participate in celebrating the GRAIL release, go to YABound to sign up for the book blitz. 

CLAN audiobook release: January 2017

Hope everyone has a great week!


Monday, November 14, 2016

News Week - 11/14/16

Last week was a tough week for America. Like many, I spent the week stunned.

Since this is a tumultuous time, I've pushed back the release of GRAIL by a few weeks later than normal--you can still expect it to arrive before the holiday.

I support all Americans and our diversity. If you are feeling afraid you can always email me and I will offer my help.

In my stories my characters overcome bullying and discrimination... this is the world I support, where we can overcome these challenges by standing together, united against hate. 

It's also a time to strengthen ourselves and support the communities we're fortunate to have. There may be turmoil out there, but we must have peace within us in order to help others. 

Be kind and don't give up.


Friday, October 28, 2016

Le Fay Series - Happy Halloween 2016!

I've been drawing a little sketch of the Le Fay series characters every Halloween. This year I drew Morgan le Fay as a nasty witch! She'll put a spell on you.

Get ready for GRAIL, book 3 in the series, this year! It's spookier than the last two books. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Thursday, October 20, 2016

GRAIL - Sneak Preview: Part One

Thank you all for waiting patiently for GRAIL (Le Fay Series Book 3) updates! I'd like to share a scene from GRAIL with you today. As always, feel free to message me for a review copy! GRAIL will be out later this year.

The same cold fire glitters in his eyes. Ambition and determination ripple across his whole posture and expression. He still has the calm face, the satisfied, small smile. The familiar smell of smoke and wine wafts my way by a breeze. A scent that reminds me of a claustrophobic room, dimly lit, where incense and tobacco burns.
Mordred bends down and offers a pale hand. I don’t take it. He straightens up, fixing his suit.
“Still too proud?” Mordred asks. 
His smile is still serene. My nerves tingle, afraid of the meaning of his good mood. He should be devastated to lose King Uther and his place as Maven. 
“You shouldn’t be,” he continues. “Camelot reduced you to nothing. They trampled over you and now you’re just dung at the bottom of people’s shoes. Everyone’s already starting to forget you.”
“I’m working,” I reply coldly. “Leave me alone.”
I turn back to the dirt, pulling out the crushed buttercups. Mordred leans down again, this time crouching on the grass, facing me. I’m surprised that he’d risk getting his suit dirty. Tensing, I prepare for what he’s planning.
“Is this what you want to do?” he asks. “Pull weeds for the rest of your life?”
I shake my head, sighing with agitation as I scan for more weeds, but it’s hard to pay attention. 
“What if you could get out of Camelot and use magic again?” he asks. “I could help you.”
It takes a moment for his words to sink in. I cock my brow at him, angered by his suggestion. “You want to use me, Mordred? I’m not that desperate.”
“I wouldn’t be using you,” he says. “You’d do everything of your own will. You can turn your back on the people who imprisoned you and made you a slave. The people who wanted you dead. If you join me, you’d be free to use any powerful magic you wanted at any time. We are aiming to create a world where magic users are respected, just like the old days,  just as you always wanted.”
I finally turn to Mordred so that he can see the disgust on my face. “I’m not a vain psychopath, Mordred. I don’t want magic through the means you people want it. I won’t take part in the murder of Camelot members and citizens who fight against your ideals. This is where you and I differ.”
Mordred snorts and shakes his head at me. “Surely you’re aware that casualties are an inevitable part of every change. The Pendragons and knights have killed more people than any other ruler in history. You hold your chin up proud, weeding the grounds that are soaked in innocent blood.” 
“That’s the past,” I say. “Right now we have peace and that peace should be protected.”
“I didn’t know you were such a comfort-loving dullard,” Mordred says. He pushes himself up and stands. “Let me know if you change your mind, Le Fay. Enjoy your work.” He smirks at me before walking away.

Want to read more? Request a review copy! Hope you guys enjoyed the sample! Stay tuned for more updates.


Tuesday, October 18, 2016

GRAIL - Hints

Today I'm posting hints for GRAIL, the third book in the Le Fay Series. The ebook will be out later this year and you can read the ARC now if you request it. 

There will be much more Mordred.

More magic!

A new character will be introduced.

Morgan will do the unexpected.

The Merlin/Morgan dynamic will be different. 

Lancelot will continue to have more appearances. 

Expect an epic battle.

You'll learn more about the enemies.

You'll also learn secrets from Morgan's past. 

Of course it will feature the Grail--an iconic symbol in fantasy literature. 

Morgause story resurfaces. 

Thursday I'm posting a teaser from GRAIL! Hope you'll be back to check it out!


Monday, October 17, 2016

News Week - 10/17/16

It's been a crazy season. Apologies for the lack of updates in September as several things were in flux during that time. I will be back to posting regularly. I wish to keep you all in the loop of everything in progress, so here goes: 

-Brand new novel: my husband was the first to read it! He said it's the best book I've written yet so I'm really excited about this. I plan to send it to my agent next month. 

-CLAN audiobook: completed! I'm thinking it should release in January. However if I hear feedback of wanting the audiobook in time for the holidays, I will definitely work toward it. I'm choosing a sample audio now. Let me know if there's a scene that you think would be a good sample--I'm thinking a dialogue scene between Buster and Twain.  

-HENGE audiobook: almost done. It will release after CLAN.

-GRAIL: the ebook is still on schedule for November. The cover art is taking longer than expected. If you'd like to read the ARC, please message me. Paperback is running behind and probably won't be out until next year--I hope to get it done for Christmas but cannot be certain at this time. I am releasing hints tomorrow and a sneak peek of the text on Thursday so come back and check it out!

Work: I am now working as an Art Director at Hinterland. I'm thrilled to be working with an awesome team and I couldn't be happier with my job!

Check out our game, The Long Dark:

Doesn't the game look amazing? Hope you guys get a chance to play it!



Tuesday, October 11, 2016

GRAIL - Back Cover Copy

Hello! It's been a busy season so far. Good news! The official description for GRAIL is now here! Ebook is due this fall. Remember, you can request to read the ARC! Just shoot me a message. I hope you like the sound of this new chapter in Morgan's journey:

A hero has fallen, and darkness threatens a splintered Camelot. In the midst of turmoil, the last hope for the kingdom is Morgan le Fay. Morgan is both feared and revered . . . and currently in prison for treason.

In the wake of King Uther’s tragic death, the wicked Mordred is closing in on young King Arthur, and the boy king turns to Morgan for help. Freed from her imprisonment through his order, Morgan searches for a way to protect him. But she is still an outcast, and no one believes her suspicions about Mordred.

To save King Arthur, Morgan must reach the greatest Royal Relic in the world—the Grail—before Mordred does. It’s a journey that will challenge her in ways she’s never been challenged before. Traveling deep into a land of darkness, she will need to overcome the ghosts of her past to find her true power.

Can Morgan defeat Mordred and save King Arthur? And this time, can she defend Camelot without destroying herself? In this third book in the Le Fay series, author Realm Lovejoy reveals secrets from the past as Morgan’s epic journey unfolds.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Le Fay Series - Book 3 Title Reveal!

I can finally share the Le Fay Series book 3 title! Yay! Some of you probably already had the title coming.


The Grail is one of my most favorite mythological symbols ever. I'm super excited about this! It's definitely an iconic item in the Arthurian Legends.

Stay tuned for the official description and cover reveal! 


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Le Fay Series - Book 3 Release Date!

Hurray! Book 3 in the Le Fay Series is on target for November release! 

Mark your calendars: 11/08/16 

I'm so excited for this part of Morgan's journey! Stay tuned for the title reveal next week. Also, the official description will be revealed soon as well as the cover!

If you'd like a free review copy of Book 3, please be sure to comply to the review policy.



Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Le Fay Series - Research Travel: Tintagel Castle

Tintagel castle is rumored to have been the birthplace of King Arthur. However, the castle's date doesn't quite match up to the legend's time period. Recent findings however reveal that there is indeed a matching time period building hidden there! How exciting if King Arthur really existed! The castle even has Merlin's Cave next to it. 

Tintagel is a super important location in the Le Fay Series. It's Morgan le Fay's home. I have taken so many pictures of Tintagel that I've broken it up into several posts: the sea, Merlin's Cave, and town.

This post will be focusing on the castle. Tintagel castle serves as an important inspiration for me as I build my own ancient ruins and castles in the Le Fay Series. (Hint: you'll see some coming up in the series.) As you can see, it's gorgeous! The mood is broody and dark with the epic sea crashing below the dark cliffs. It's certainly worthy of being a Game of Thrones setting. I love the stacked slates and how it's eroded and overgrown with time.

The beautiful sea below the castle:

A long hike to get to the castle:

Look at this wall! I love that little plant spilling out from the slates:

 View from between the slates. It must have taken forever to stack these:

Yay! This is so neat:

It's amazing that they made this archway with slates:

 What a gorgeous wall. I love the tufts of dry grass growing on the tops:

I hope you enjoyed the photos from Tintagel Castle!


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Photos - Labyrinth Masquerade

I recently went to the Labyrinth Masquerade! I watched the movie as a kid and feel nostalgic about the world of labyrinth. Toby Froud was there (the baby in the movie--he now works in the film industry and a great artist like his parents). My colleague Karen Prell also talked a bit about her experience working on the film as a puppeteer. At the party there were a lot of impressive costumes. 

Here's me:

The Goblin King:


Dance Magic Dance! You can see a vid here.

 Crystal ball action! You can see the vid here!

I orded a poison peach at the bar:

Hope you enjoyed the photos!



Thursday, July 21, 2016

CLAN and HENGE - Audiobook News

I opened up both of my books for auditions for about a month. Many talented actors auditioned for the roles and it was difficult to choose. Finally, I've chosen the actors for both books!

The LE FAY SERIES, starting with HENGE, will be narrated by actress Isla Lindsay. Believe me, choosing the actress to portray Morgan le Fay was no easy task! Isla captured my attention with her clear voice and emotional delivery of Morgan's lines. I'm very excited to work with such a talented actress to bring Morgan to life. I hope you'll enjoy her audio as much as I do! 

CLAN will be narrated by Jeff Hays. Jeff has an extensive track record producing quality audiobooks. He has an amazing clear, articulate voice--perfect for narrating CLAN. He also has great range which will be fantastic for portraying Twain, Buster, and Chad--plus the other clones of varying ages AND the computer voices. I think you guys are really going to love his narration and I couldn't be more excited that he will be bringing the world of CLAN to life.

Stay tuned for more news on the audiobook release date! Recording will be finished by autumn and I look forward to having both audiobooks available this year. 


Monday, July 18, 2016

News Week - 07/18/16

I can't believe we're getting toward the end of July already! Sometimes the concept of passing time and all the things I want to do can get overwhelming. My yoga teacher said the other day to "enjoy the space between events." I have some space right now--a space for the next big project. It's truly a good time to contemplate.


  -My picture book is on submission to editors!

  -CLAN and the Le Fay Series now have an audiobook narrator!! More news on that this week, so come back and visit!

  -SWORD's book trailer launched!

  -Book 3 in the Le Fay Series was sent for line edit! So far it's on schedule for release this year!

  -I now have a Patreon page! I hope you'll consider becoming a patron! It comes with rewards and I hope patrons will feel like they're part of the team!



Wednesday, July 13, 2016

SWORD - Book Trailer

To celebrate the summer sale, I created a book trailer for SWORD

Here's the trailer!

Intrigued? Go grab a copy of both HENGE and SWORD for 99 cents while you can!

Please share the trailer and the sale! Giveaway can be entered here.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Sale 2016

Summer sale is live! All of my books are on sale for 99 cents until 7/15 and then the price will gradually increase until 7/18 when the sale ends.

To celebrate, the SWORD book trailer is currently being shown by various blogs today. AND it includes a giveaway for a chance to win the ebooks and paperbacks!

I'm releasing the SWORD book trailer tomorrow on my blog!

Happy Summer Reading!


Friday, July 8, 2016

Camelot News - Protests

The latest and last of news coverage for the SWORD saga! Morgan le Fay stirs up the UK. What happens next?

More Camelot news will start up again for the third book! Release date to be announced soon. 

Stay tuned for the trailer reveal next Tuesday! Also... there will be a sale plus giveaway!


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

News Week - 07/05/16

The trailer for SWORD is coming next week! Want to be a part of the SWORD trailer reveal? Go sign up at YABound! Hope you'll join in to share!



Monday, June 27, 2016

Camelot News - Morgan le Fay: Mugshot Released!

Breaking news! The mugshot of Morgan le Fay was released!

She is not happy. What will happen to Morgan? Read SWORD to find out!


Monday, June 13, 2016

Art - All the Rage

I was commissioned by YA author Courtney Summers to create a painting of Romy to celebrate the ALL THE RAGE paperback release! I had a lot of fun with this project!

ALL THE RAGE is about rape culture and gives voice to survivors. ALL THE RAGE is a powerful story by Courtney and it's important for our world to be aware of rape culture. 

If you'd like a poster of the artwork, be sure to enter Courtney's giveaway! And if you haven't read the book, do check it out



Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Le Fay Series - Meet Arthur!

The portrait reveals will now be one or two portraits per book since most were introduced in HENGE. Today I am revealing the portrait for SWORD. We get to know this character a lot more in SWORD... 

Meet the famed royalty... Prince Arthur Pendragon!

As we all know, Arthur is the most important character in the Arthurian legends. He's also important in the Le Fay Series, though we won't see his central role until later. 

I wanted to make my Arthur a bit of a darker character since I like to work with contrast especially when it comes to major characters that can influence the plot. I wanted him to constantly struggle the duality of weakness and power; vulnerability and boldness.

Here's a scene with Arthur (I cut out spoilers):

King Uther walks in with Kay, Agravain, and Mordred by his side, and someone else who looks familiar trails behind him. A handsome teen with a frightened face. His hair is the color of autumn leaves. His earthy gaze meets mine.
“Morgan!” he says, his voice smooth and husky—a bit deeper than it used to be.
“Arthur?” I blurt out, shocked.
I recall that it’s April—his birth month. Arthur must’ve had his fifteenth birthday. He appears to have grown a couple centimeters, at least.
Uther puts an arm in front of Arthur. “How dare you refer to your prince by his first name!”
I continue to stare at Arthur past Uther’s arm, baffled by his growth spurt during my absence.
Arthur tries to move away from his father’s arm. “I’m so sorry, Morgan. I tried to tell them that you were nice to me—”
“Arthur!” his father barks.
“I didn’t want to see this either, but they—”
“That’s enough!”
Uther whirls around and strikes Arthur across the face with a loud smack. Anger flares in my stomach and I unintentionally try to yank my arm free from the knights. They hold me tighter. 
“Violence is not necessary,” I shout. “This is a difficult time for—”
“Silence!” Uther barks at me, his eyes blazing.
A few tears trickle down Arthur’s cheeks, and he glares at his father in disdain as Kay puts a hand on Arthur’s shoulder to comfort him. Arthur shrugs his hand off. There’s a dark look in Arthur’s eyes, one that I don’t recognize.

Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned for the next portrait for the third book. I'll be introducing a brand new character. 


Monday, June 6, 2016

News Week - 06/06/16

Great news! Both CLAN and HENGE are up for audiobook production.

I'm currently going through auditions and am hoping to find the perfect narrator for each book. I'm overwhelmed with the amount of talented actors and it's going to be difficult to choose one.

Questions for readers:

  --What would your ideal narrator for CLAN sound like?

  --What would your ideal narrator for HENGE sound like?

Here are my audition calls:


Audition Notes: The narration of the book should be neutral and articulate, while the dialogue brings the characters to life in an otherwise bleak setting. Particularly, The three main characters should have distinct tones so listeners can easily tell them apart. In the story, the three boys are clones of one person, but they have different personalities. 

Characters described below:

Twain: a shy and passive young adult male. He should sound gentle and reasonable, his tone softer than the others. He should also sound serious with a flatter tone. 

Chad: an aggressive young adult male. His tone should be louder and unfriendly compared to the others.

Buster: A young adult male who is sarcastic and lively. His tone should be more vivid and lighthearted than the others. 


Audition Notes: The book HENGE is narrated by the protagonist named Morgan: She is a teen British female with an authoritative, strong, bold, fierce, medium pitched voice--not too high or soft. She should be able to execute strong emotional scenes.

Notes for secondary main character, Merlin: he is a young adult with a British accent. He has a calming, gentle, polite, and reasonable tone

What do you guys think? Exciting times!