Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Video Game - Oculus VR: Farlands

What a trip! The eighth game I worked on has shipped: Farlands! I worked as an artist on this project from Oculus VR and it was so fun to roam in virtual reality to check out what I created. I've never seen my own art in this kind of dimension before and it's truly an honor to have played a small part in this. I feel like this is one of those rare things where one day when I'm a grandma, I can tell my grandkids about "back when virtual reality was just starting..." 

I hope everyone who gives it a try will enjoy their adventure in virtual reality! It's a real trip and I believe virtual reality is going to change the world.


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Le Fay Series - Art: Vivian and Waterlilies

Every spring I draw one of the Arthurian ladies with flowers that suits her character. Last year I drew Morgan le Fay with roses

This year I drew Vivian with waterlilies!

Vivian is based on the Lady of the Lake. I immediately thought of lilies for her. The flowers are graceful with a mysterious quality. The lake plays a key part in SWORD so it seemed appropriate to feature it this year. 

Who will I draw next year? Stay tuned...

And don't forget, the mega Spring Sale is still on!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thursday, March 17, 2016

SWORD - Art: Dangerous Games

A dangerous game unfolds in SWORD:

Queen - Morgan

Knight - Lancelot

Bishop - Merlin

King - Arthur

Read SWORD to find out more!


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

News Week - 03/15/16

If you're in Seattle, be sure to check out the Indie Game Revolution exhibit! I'm so happy to see indie games celebrated.

I'm very interested in creating an indie game again. I've got a new design that I'm stoked about. First, I must gather a small team to make this a reality.

In other game-related news, my cousin-in-law was in town for a visit so I took him to the Oculus office to check out VR! I love seeing someone experience virtual reality for the first time. It truly is mind boggling, like being inside a dream. 

Visual multimedia experiences aren't limited to games. There are also neat installations, such as the ones I saw at the Paradox of Place exhibit which explores Korean artists exploring paradoxes in art and society. In this shot I am in front of a mirror that crackles:

My favorite was Noh Suntag's photography of a strange and mysterious ball placed in the middle of a field. It's apparently a radome placed by the US military without announcement.

Hope you enjoyed the post! More Le Fay goods coming later this week and next.


Monday, March 14, 2016

Photos - Backyard Ducks

I wanted to share with you a few photos of my pet ducks since it's almost their six month birthday when they become real adults! They just laid their first eggs.

I have always wanted fresh healthy eggs and have taken a particular liking to duck eggs over chicken eggs due to the rich flavor. Once I learned of the health benefits of eating duck eggs, I knew I really wanted to raise my own! (It's costs $6 for half a dozen duck eggs and store bought eggs just aren't fresh--they are often 1-3 months old in the store.)

I researched the duck breeds I wanted very carefully. 

I got two ducklings that were born on the autumn equinox: Paimei and Phantom! I was in love as soon as I opened the box they were contained in.

Paimei is the light colored one. She is a Welsh Harlequin, one of the best egg layers and also the calmest breed. She is very chill when I pick her up and not easily spooked. Her breed lays white eggs. Personality: Paimei is stoic, classy (she loves to keep herself clean), and very protective of her buddy Phantom. When Phantom was sick, Paimei would guard over her, never leaving her side.

Phantom is the dark one. She is a Cayuga, a favored breed for urban farms due to their quietness. Indeed, Phantom still peeps like a baby as an adult, unlike Paimei who makes goosey sounds. Her breed lays gray and black eggs (which looks amazing)! Personality: Phantom is friskier than Paimei--she likes to run, jump, and be the first in line for their breakfast. She loves goofing around and causing mischief. 

My husband who has keen eyes for design and a talent for building pretty much anything, built the coop mansion for them! I had fun designing the coop but he definitely did the heavy lifting on this one. 

Other use of ducks: foraging (they eat weeds and pests), manure can be used for great compost soil, they eat left over veggies, and they keep you company while you do yard work.

The past two days the ducks both laid eggs! I love going out to the coop every morning to collect them. It feels romantic in an old timey way. I tried the egg for the first time by frying it in a pan. Best egg I ever tasted! I'm hooked. 

Eggs aside, they have been a great source of joy and peace for me. My favorite thing to do is go outside with them and watch them march around the yard. They have taught me to slow down and relax. 

Hope you enjoyed the photos! If you enjoyed this, I post more urban farming stuff (plus my original recipes) on my Urban Nature Tumblr and FB page.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

News Week - 03/09/16

never posted my birthday photos this year so here it is! This year I wanted to do something simple and requested to go to the aquarium. It made me nostalgic to be in there and be surrounded by sea life. It was fun and relaxing. As I start a new decade it felt right to reconnect with my childhood. We ended the day by going on the ferris wheel and having dinner by the sound. Perfect!


Monday, March 7, 2016

Le Fay Series - Awesome Readers and Prize Winners

Today I'm feeling especially thankful to have awesome readers of the Le Fay series!

Florentine from Readiculously Peachy wrote a very touching letter that was voted for spotlight on Feature and Follow:

It means the world to an author to get a letter like this! I'm so honored that Florentine enjoyed the books and that she believes in me as a writer. I couldn't ask for more! I keep each letter I'm given (and print them out if they are digital letters) because they mean a lot to me. If you'd like to read the rest, please visit her blog!

The winners from my giveaway received their prizes! I threw in more presents in their packages.

Check it out:

Florentine from Readiculously Peachy -- Photos by Florentine:

Go to her blog for more details!

Paula from Her Book Thoughts -- Photo by Paula. She enjoyed CLAN back when it came out a couple years ago, so I also gave her some CLAN goods:

I'm so happy I got to send the prizes to these two awesome readers! I hope they will like the next book as well. I'm looking forward to posting another giveaway when the third book is out!



Thursday, March 3, 2016

News Week - 03/03/16

Hello everyone! Apologies for the long inactivity on the blog! I was wrapping up some projects. Now I'm back to post regularly. Hey, it's March now! Happy March! I'm so pumped for spring. We just had the wettest winter in history over here in Seattle.

  --What's new? I finished my children's book manuscript! Hurray!

  --I'm opening up my freelance service again. Want an illustration from me for you project? (Book cover, promotion art, character design, tattoo art, logo, etc.) Send me a query: rtlovejoy (at) yahoo (dot) com

  --Review policy reminder: Want a review copy of the third Le Fay book? Be sure to post a review of SWORD on Amazon to be on the list. (Due to time and cost I will only be sending it to readers who are reliable and genuinely enjoy the series--those who review 4 stars or higher.) 

There will no longer be an open review query for SWORD and the third book--the only way to get a copy now is through the policy. HENGE will still be up for open review query.

We left off at Valentine's Day last month. Here are photos from my Valentine weekend:

I made lunch: grits with red onion jam:

Coolest chocolate box ever:

My nails for the day... "Isolde" from A-England! The palest of pinks, a romantic Arthurian color:

I tried to photograph my dress before the date... but Baron did not want me to leave:

We went to a speakeasy bar. The absinthe panna cotta I mentioned was very delicious!! I must try making it myself. 

More soon!