Tuesday, December 14, 2010

News Week - 12/13/10

Hurray! For Hilary Wagner's release of her debut novel NIGHTSHADE CITY, I made her a card:

These little rats are quite different from the evil and ratty Billycan I drew. Remember him? He's the villian rat of NIGHTSHADE CITY I illustrated a while back for Hilary's interview.

To see the other cards the talented Niki Smith and Stacey Vaughan (Lisa and Laura Roecker's sister) made, check out Hilary's post about the cards. Their artwork is awesome.

Thank you so much for the shout out, Hilary! Congrats again!


In other news...I'm back from NYC! I got to meet my agent super Joanna -- yay! I will post more on the trip later on. I am also finally moved into my new place.



Thursday, December 2, 2010

News Week - 12/01/10

I have to share this with you all because I think it's so awesome. This artwork was done by Holly Cupala for TELL ME A SECRET.

I love the whole mood in this with the lone flower and girl and sea depth colors. For a chance to win this collage, go to the interview over at Total Bookaholic, and spread the word and enter over there!

Also, check out this artwork Holly did for me a while back. She is truly talented!



Aside from work, I've been packing to move to a new apartment in Seattle...busy! After this madness though, the busy season should be over for me. Phew. I can't wait to have some quiet hours to work on book revisions.

Also...I'll be in NYC next weekend! I shall bring back pictures.