Tuesday, July 28, 2015

SWORD - Back Cover Copy

Hello, everyone! Here's the back cover text for SWORD, the 2nd book in the Le Fay Series. It will be out this fall. I hope you're as excited as I am! 

Evil lurks. Camelot sits, vulnerable. The fate of a future king hangs in the balance.

After surviving a string of brutal trials, sixteen-year-old Morgan le Fay is an official member of Camelot. But beneath its shining fa├žade, Camelot is a crumbling government where loyalties are divided.

Nobody believes Morgan’s suspicions that enemies are closing in. Prince Arthur, a boy more interested in playing video games than ruling, will not listen to her, and neither will Lancelot, Camelot’s head of security. Even Morgan's friend Merlin refuses to take action.

When Morgan discovers that someone is plotting to assassinate the future king, she must take her destiny—and his—into her own hands. With the sword Excalibur beckoning in the distance, Morgan embarks on a seemingly impossible mission. And before her journey ends, everyone will know what she is truly capable of . . .

In this second book in the LE FAY series, author Realm Lovejoy takes readers deep into the heart of a splintering Camelot. 


Monday, July 27, 2015

News Week - 07/27/15

I'm very excited to be back in Morgan le Fay's Camelot. Finally the back cover copy for SWORD is here. It will be revealed tomorrow! If you haven't read the first book HENGE yet, I hope you'll check it out! For those who read HENGE, the copy won't contain major spoilers.

I am trying to decide on an illustration from the Le Fay Series for a limited edition t-shirt. Do you have any picks? It will be for a white t-shirt.

In other news: 

-The picture book is going through revision now. 

-I'm finding the first draft of a new novel very promising. 

-I am preparing SWORD for copyedit. 

-The cover art should be revealed within 3 weeks. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow. The official description for SWORD will be online!


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Back! Pre-Wedding Photos

I'm back! The wedding and honeymoon turned out great and I'll share a few pics later. I dove right back into the world of Camelot as soon as I got back. The description copy for SWORD was sent for copyedit and should be revealed next week. I am preparing SWORD for the copyedit now. I am also preparing the picture book for my agent and drafting a new novel.

Pre-wedding photos! Me excited for the wedding weekend and road trip to Winthrop:

Festive nails for pre-wedding:

On the way! 

In beautiful Winthrop. Last day as a mademoiselle:

The view from our window:

Stay tuned for the SWORD back cover copy!


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Giveaway - Arthurian Crossword Puzzle Quest!

Can you defeat this Arthurian crossword puzzle quest? The winner will receive a signed copy of Henge (Le Fay Series). The competition is open worldwide. This amazing and clever puzzle was created by For Reading Addicts! A fantastic book blog--I hope you'll check out the site! You can also read a review of Henge from the site.

Contact For Reading Addicts with your answers! Good luck!