Monday, August 27, 2012

Judge for Digital Arts Competition

If you're in Washington and interested in art and the digital industry, there is the Digital Art Festival running in Redmond from Sept 21-28th. They are also holding an art competition, and I am one of the judges! I hope you will submit your art! Check out more details here.

"The Guild of Digital Artists has officially announced this year’s competition and has graciously offered $3,000 in prize money. In addition they have brought together a stellar cast of jurors.

This is a great opportunity for you to get your work seen by some of the leaders in the digital art world or better yet, your chance to get the proper recognition and prize money you deserve for your efforts! ALL SUBMISSIONS, yes, ALL OF THEM, will be displayed publicy on the Digital Art Festival facebook page, so you'll get your work seen by a large number of people and be included in our social network "like" campaign which will include your name and website (if provided)."

Looking forward to seeing your art!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Author Readings - George R.R. Martin and Chuck Palahniuk

George and Chuck were in town for the Clarion Writer's Workshop so I got to attend both of their readings.

George R.R. Martin read excerpts from his sixth book in the Game of Thrones series. It involved Tyrion, a boat, and some sex. The way George reads his book, he sounds like one of his own characters. He's a very blunt and funny guy. He has some hardcore fans too--a couple girls brought him dragon egg brooches that they made for him. He said that having a book become popular is a real crapshoot--some great books never become popular, and some bad books do. Well, his books are good!

Chuck Palahniuk started his reading by unloading boxes of fifty plush tigers, all to hand out. He says every scene needs a clock and his will be stuffed tigers--the reading won't be done until they are all gone. He read us Romance (super funny!) and Knock Knock. He is probably the best reader I've ever heard. He threw out tigers to the audience as they asked questions. At the end, he had us make a baby-shape out of balloons to win a tiger. Lots of balloon popping and balloon squeaking. It was super fun and I'm really inspired by him. For his writing he says he believes in repetition of themes in a story, to have life and death in a story, and minimalism. Also, he's been in a writer's group for twenty years and that it's important to read your book outloud. 

I hope you make it to their readings someday--totally worth it!


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New House Part Two

Joey took this neat shot. This is the back of the house: