Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Back from Morgan's Graduation!

This weekend, I went over to Santa Barbara to celebrate my best friend's graduation. You may remember Morgan from my post I did a while back. I made her a logo, which she used on her portfolio.

Check out some of her work (amazing!):

A HUMMER limousine picked us up to go to the vineyard, pool-side party. I've never been in a hummer limo before!

I had a very wonderful time surrounded by the people I grew up with.

Some days are made pretty perfect:


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back from North Carolina!

My fam rented a beach house in Nags Head for a week. Dolphins could be seen from the balcony and the sea was just steps away from our pool. The ocean had an abundance of shells, both rough and polished. At sunset, little crabs would begin to poke out of the sand, scuttling away from people's feet. We went to see some wild horses on the beach as well and my brothers went kayaking in the alligator swamp. There's a lot of life in Nags Head (and cool stories from the locals)!

Hope you guys liked the photos!


Monday, August 9, 2010

News Week - 08/09/10

Hope everyone is having a great summer! We're having a pretty mellow one over here in Seattle. It's now been two years since I've had the fabulous agent, Joanna Volpe from Nancy Coffey Lit and Media Rep. She has continued to be a wonderful support as I get my new project rolling. In celebration, I wanted to share some links.

First off, here is the new Nancy Coffey blog, which I recommend following: http://www.ncliterary.blogspot.com/

Second, this is the new Nancy Coffey website: http://www.nancycoffeyliterary.com/

I love the site layout.

You'll notice a new project on there. DUST.

I've just finished the third draft of DUST! I'm having a lot of fun with the black and white illustrations.

Cheers, everyone!


Monday, August 2, 2010

Tell Me A Secret Trailer Launch Party!

Today is the trailer launch for Tell Me A Secret! Watch the trailer and read on for info on how to win some cool prizes!

Here are the prizes available!

Signed TMAS books!
TMAS t-shirts!

Fan-made bracelets by Hannah S!
Music that inspired the book!
Sneak Previews!
Bookmarks and Handmade Magnets!


A Tell Me a Secret handmade necklace!

HOW TO WIN? Share the Trailer Love!

  1. Click here to go to YouTube, then click the Share button to send to your Facebook,Twitter, MySpace, or blog! 5 pts each
  2. Click here to tell us where you posted and enter to win!

Plus Holly will be featured at readergirlz for the entire month of August, with a live Twitter chat coming up!

Enjoy the trailer!