Monday, July 26, 2010

Inspiration - Glassblowing Class

A couple weeks ago, I took my first glassblowing class. It was a hot summer day, and the furnace especially made me sweat a bucket. I learned to dip metal rods into molten glass to "gather" and keep it spinning so that it doesn't drip. Also, glass explodes. Be sure not to mess with glass freshly congealing because it's still hot inside and the pressure can cause it to burst. First day, I learned to add colored grits into the molten glass, shape it with pliers, and then add more glass to it.

I made a paperweight, which came out really nice. I tried to put a heart in the middle, but it came out wonky:

I made a sad, melting snowman with the saddest beady eyes you ever saw:

It takes a lot of patience. Got to keep going back and forth between furnace and tools because the glass must always be piping hot.

Second day, I learned to blow glass. Now, when you think of blowing glass, you may think it magically expands as you breathe air into the tube. Nope. There's a special technique. You got to push air into it a special way with your thumb in your mouth to immediately trap in the air. Anyway, it was way harder than it seemed! I was glad I made a bubble at all!

So, here are my two twilight blue ornaments:

Pretty, pretty!

I had a lot of fun and recommend it to anyone that wants to give it a whirl.

I'd like to make something that looks like the nebula award with glittery cool would that be? I hope I can make something that awesome one day.



Monday, July 5, 2010

Inspiration - My Little Bro

So, two Saturdays ago, I went to my sixteen year-old brother Gabe's cage fighting tournament. Even though he is young, he is a master pianist, welder, getting great grades, and will be training as a fire fighter this year...and MMA fighting is one of his hobbies.

I grew up watching Bruce Lee flicks and tend to write a lot of action in my stories, so I was interested in going to the show. I was a bit nervous about seeing my little bro fight, though. Especially after I saw the first cage fight with the loud smacks. My heart was about to bust out of my ribs when it was Gabe's turn.

But Gabe was so lighthearted and showed such a good took all my worries away.

Many fighters have been training hard for this tournament, but it seemed to be a mind over matter kind of thing. The tense, too rushy, and serious fighters all lost...the relaxed ones won. It really shows that attitude is everything in all things. (Including art and writing!) I was inspired by my bro, who somehow exhibited peace and lightness in an unlikely environment. And he did win his fight!

Go, Gabe!