Thursday, January 26, 2017

CLAN - Audiobook Cover Reveal!

Creating the cover for the CLAN audiobook gave me a chance to revisit and upgrade the cover. I love the original simplistic cover and wanted to keep the spirit of it. I also wanted something that conveyed more of the mature tones and thriller-esque aspect of CLAN while making it eye-catching. I came up with this new version and I hope you guys like it!

If you've read the Le Fay series but not CLAN, you may want to check it out. Although it's sci-fi and a totally different story, I maintain a similar style of storytelling.

Here's the audiobook cover:

Paperback and eBook cover:

What do you guys think? The paperback and ebook will also reflect the new design. New covers will pop up on Amazon soon, so if you want the old version for your collection, grab it while you can!


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

CLAN - Audiobook Release Date

I will be promoting CLAN for the next 4 weeks and the Le Fay series updates will resume again after. The reason for this is... CLAN audiobook is finally coming! I am so excited and the narrator Jeff Hays is absolutely perfect for the story. I hope you'll agree! 

I am not entirely sure when it'll pop up in stores. According to ACX, it should publish within 14 days, so I set the release date accordingly to reflect the 14 day mark. I will of course let everyone know if it comes out earlier.   

To celebrate, I took the opportunity to re-design the book cover. Stay tuned for the cover reveal this Thursday! 

Planned posts: On my Instagram/Tumbler/Twitter, I will be sharing an illustration or photo related to CLAN daily (weekdays). I will also share the best of my sci-fi days plus the best of CLAN. I aim to produce a preview on YouTube with a sample of the audiobook. Also, I interviewed the narrator Jeff Hays and will share some behind the scenes details on his work. If you guys have suggestions for anything else you'd like to see during this time, let me know! This is a good chance to get anything CLAN-related!

CLAN is a story about resisting oppression--I think it's a perfect time for us to read these kinds of stories and get inspired.

Stay tuned for the cover reveal this Thursday!


Monday, January 23, 2017

News Week - 01/23/17

Inspiring weekend! So many people worldwide showed support for human rights. It was also great to see creative work, such as Princess Leia, serving as an icon. Stories have an important part in inspiring us and reinforcing our values. 

Continue to burn bright!

Coming up this week... CLAN updates! Audiobook news, new cover art... Stay tuned.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

GRAIL - Accept Your Quest

Here's the poster for GRAIL (Le Fay series 3)! I really love the symbolical idea that each of us have our own grail to discover within.

Good news: I finished the second draft of the final book. Weep! It's crazy to wrap up this series which started in 2011. I wrote all four books back then and am now polishing the last one. 

Stay tuned for more art updates!


Monday, January 9, 2017

Le Fay Series - Research Travel: CAERLEON

Now that GRAIL is out, I will be continuing to post photos from my Le Fay series research adventure! 

During our drive through south Wales, we stopped by the tiny town of Caerleon, which some say used to be Camelot. I believe it was one of the smallest towns we visited with tiny roads and it looked ancient with stone buildings. 

The main attraction: There is an amphitheatre there that's been theorized to be the Round Table. We stopped by to take a look. Of course, it's not a literal table, but some think it may have been the meeting place for Camelot's royal court. Who knows what it was? The circle was huge! It definitely looks like it used to be some kind of gathering place.

In GRAIL, I introduced the Round Table--since my story is modern, I used it as a meeting room.

Me sitting at the edge of the amphitheatre:

There's another ruin (Cadbury Castle) theorized to be Camelot, but because there is nothing to exactly see there, we omitted it from our already packed schedule. The bottomline is that it's really up to the imagination where it could have been if it even existed. 

For my modern version of Camelot, I placed it closer to Glastonbury and Bath, since it was a good central location to other key places in the story. I also felt a strong modern Camelot-vibe in Bath, which I'll post about in the future. 

I hope you enjoyed the photos! Looking at them reminded me what a beautiful sunny day it was and how happy I felt exploring the UK and dreaming of the Le Fay series. Being an author is hard work, but there's something really special about this job, especially when it involves research like this.

Stay tuned for more photos!


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy 2017!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's somehow hard to believe it's 2017. Though it's an unpopular year, 2016 was actually a pretty good year for me--probably the best year in the past five years. 

Here's Elaine (from GRAIL) celebrating with a grail full of sparkly:

What can you expect from me this year?

--A new book on submission
--Picture Book going into production
--GRAIL paperback
--CLAN audio book
--HENGE audio book
--New book cover for CLAN
--New Novel to be drafted

Year in Review:

--Worked on virtual reality at Oculus. Futuristic stuff!
--Brought three silkies into our coop. They are the sweetest and at least one of them is laying an egg daily, even during winter!
--Brought a white German Shepherd that we named Kiba into our home! She brings a large amount of joy into our lives.   
--I am now an Art Director at an awesome and innovative indie company. Hurray! 
--Published my 4th novel, GRAIL!
--Halfway through my 5th novel--the last book in the Le Fay series. It's bittersweet to begin wrapping up this series. 
--Started audiobook productions.
--Completed my 6th novel, which will be sent to my agent this week. I'm extremely excited about this book.
--Completed a picture book.
--I've gone to yoga at least once a week for a whole year! It has now become an important part of my health for both mind and body. 

New Year Resolutions:

--Bringing more sense of wonder, joy, and lightness into my life.
--Being more community-driven with my creative work and be able to give more.
--Health: yoga, taking breaks, walks, waking early.
--Publishing the last Le Fay book. 
--Draft a new novel.
--Read more books.

How was your New Year?

Here's a photo from NYE. We went to the Gatsby Gangster Ball:

This is a photo of the first sunrise with Kiba!

Hope you all had a great NYE and New Year's Day! Thank you for supporting my projects this year. I hope you all enjoy the new books coming out.