Friday, December 29, 2017

Year in Review - 2017

I hope everyone had a happy holiday! I spent time with my family and made dinner: rosemary roasted lamb, minted peas, cumin-spiced potatoes, with pistachio-pear baklava for dessert. We had a rare White Christmas in Seattle! 

Our dog Kiba and our chickens enjoying the snowy morning. I love being with my animal family:

The dinner I made:

Me and my sister-in-law:

After Christmas was done, my husband and I went out to celebrate SPEAR and the end of the LE FAY series. I had no idea what restaurant to go to but randomly happened on a restaurant called Shake + Spear that served seafood and that seemed perfect! I had wonderful charred octopus and rockfish and shrimp dish. Yum!

Wore the pearl necklace my husband got me for Christmas to the dinner:

I will submit the SPEAR paperback and then I'm done wrapping up 2017. Personally, 2017 was better than I anticipated. I had no idea I would write 5 new novels and direct a short film... What a nice surprise! This year I felt more energetic, creative, clear, and stronger than any other year.

Events of 2017:
-5 new novels drafted that I love
-Directed my first short film
-Published SPEAR (Le Fay series 4), the last of the quartet
-Went to Japan, got to show my husband my other home, and he met my father
-Continued work as an Art Director for a company I love and looking forward to the new year with my team
-Got to see my brother Casper's first violin recital and I'm so proud of him
-My grandfather passed away as noted in the Dedication section in SPEAR -- I am thankful to have had him as my grandfather and that he will continue to inspire me

I'm very thankful for my family, the year, life on Earth, and the storytelling part of my brain that gifted me so many new novels. I'm thankful for all of my readers.

There's a super moon on New Year's Day so I hope you'll do something special!

With Deep Gratitude,


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

SPEAR - Happy Book Release Day!

Hurray! The final book in the Le Fay series is out! I very much hope readers will enjoy the conclusion. To see SPEAR on Amazon, click here. To add SPEAR on GoodReads, click here.

I first drafted the books in 2011. The story across four books has not changed since then. At first I had no idea that I had written a 4-book series. It was a very long story so I knew I had to break it into chunks, and I looked for areas to separate. I noticed that there were four relics in the story and each section centered around the respective relic, and that's how the series came to be as it is now. Up until LE FAY, I had only written standalone stories so to suddenly have a 4-book series on my hands was a big change. I'm very happy to have finished the vision I had in 2011 in the exact way I imagined it.

I remember plotting that the final LE FAY book would come out in 2017. It seemed so far away. And now... here it is!

I would love to know what you thought and would appreciate reviews on the finale. Since the series has concluded, any help getting the word out about the series will be more helpful than ever! 

Future posts: I will post some more of my Le Fay travel photos as well as artwork and excerpts. Please let me know if you have any requests.

As I mentioned, more books are coming out. I have 6 new books penned in various states of production. I will start posting news on them in the new year.

In the meantime, please help me celebrate SPEAR and the conclusion of the LE FAY series! 

Party mix for SPEAR below:

Previous release day images for each book:

Thank you all for being a part of this journey! 


Monday, December 11, 2017

SPEAR - Get Ready!

Tomorrow the eBook version of SPEAR (Le Fay series 4) will be out on Amazon! It's the final book in the series and I hope you enjoy reading the conclusion. I'm very happy to have finished what I set out to do. Thank you dear readers for cheering me on until the finish line! I don't take your support for granted.

I've also got the paperback finished so it'll be out within a month. The Le Fay series will continue to expand as well in different formats.

Morgan and Merlin:

Here are previous pre-launch images for each book--interesting to see Morgan and Merlin's relationship shift in each book:

This song reminded me of SPEAR:

Thanks for the support!


Thursday, December 7, 2017

SPEAR - First Chapter Excerpt Preview

I selected a portion of the first chapter of SPEAR (Le Fay series 4) to share with you all. I hope you enjoy it and that you'll read the rest when the book comes out 12/12 Tuesday on Amazon!

Now for the first time, I feel centered and ready to live the life I’m meant to—and that’s using magic for what I believe in.
I walk to the cafĂ© car. I’m wearing sunglasses to hide my identity, the collar of my coat pulled up to shield me further. Yet passengers are glancing at me and whispering, eyes wide with wonder.
Approaching the counter, I search my pockets for coins to buy a cup of coffee. An elderly woman steps forward and puts a few pounds down onto the counter. “I will buy your drink, dearie,” she says.
I blink with surprise. “Thank you.”
“I should thank you. You’re the savior of King Arthur.”
She pats my arm as she walks away. I marvel at her words, still not used to being considered a hero. I’ve spent a long time being a villain, after all.
Above the counter, the TV plays news of Camelot, posting photos of Merlin and Arthur. My heart quickens its number of beats at the sight of Merlin. I turn and walk back to my seat on the train.
The intercom chimes with an announcement: “There’s been an accident on the tracks of Camelot Station. We apologize for the inconvenience but ask passengers headed for Camelot to disembark at Logres Station instead.”
I scowl at the news. I’ll have to grab a taxi to get into Camelot, and I don’t have enough cash to make it there. All I have is twenty pounds, and it could easily cost double that. I’ll need someone from Camelot to pick me up—someone who owns a car. Merlin has one, but I definitely don’t want to call him. Our friendship is still in a questionable state, and at this point I’m not sure that we’ll ever repair it.
I pull my cell phone out of my coat pocket and search my contact list for the first number that comes up that’s not Merlin’s.


The train stops in front of Logres Station. I get out and stand for a moment on the platform. Through the crowd of coats, I look around awkwardly, feeling like a lost child. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a place that was so bustling with people. I feel small and out of place. The rain begins to fall, and drops slip through the collar of my coat. I shiver as I pull my luggage and walk past newsstands, hoping to catch sight of a knight in uniform—surely that’d be easy to spot. Maybe it’s because of the cold or being lost, but I begin to think that returning to Camelot was a mistake.
“Hey, you looked right past me,” a voice says from behind.
I whirl around.
Lancelot stands there, holding an umbrella over me.

Hope you liked the sample! I'll share artwork and music on Monday!


Tuesday, December 5, 2017

SPEAR - Cover Reveal

Here it is! The cover for SPEAR (Le Fay Series 4)! The ebook is scheduled to release next week on 12/12.

The tides of change are crashing down. Can Morgan le Fay save Camelot once and for all?

            Summoned back to Camelot after a year away, Morgan le Fay wonders if she is ready to face her past and serve King Arthur.

            When the search for the missing Grail leads to another relic only spoken of in legend—the even more powerful Spear of Destiny—Morgan knows she must find it before it gets into the wrong hands. The ever-elusive Luminaries are on the hunt too, and they will stop at nothing to rule in Arthur’s place.

If Morgan cannot find the Spear before the Luminaries do, Camelot’s fragile peace will come hurtling down. And with it, King Arthur. Little does Morgan know that to succeed, she must face the darkest power that lurks within her.

In this riveting conclusion to the Le Fay series, Morgan is at her most powerful—and takes her place as an unforgettable heroine.

Now the quartet covers are complete:

Hope you like the final cover for the series! I will post an excerpt on Thursday!


Monday, December 4, 2017

SPEAR - Back Cover Copy

Below is the official description for SPEAR (Le Fay series 4) developed by my team of editors. If you aren't caught up on the series, it may be spoilery so you might not want to read it until you are finished with GRAIL.

If you've finished reading GRAIL, the description for SPEAR is below:

The tides of change are crashing down. Can Morgan le Fay save Camelot once and for all?

            Summoned back to Camelot after a year away, Morgan le Fay wonders if she is ready to face her past and serve King Arthur.

            When the search for the missing Grail leads to another relic only spoken of in legend—the even more powerful Spear of Destiny—Morgan knows she must find it before it gets into the wrong hands. The ever-elusive Luminaries are on the hunt too, and they will stop at nothing to rule in Arthur’s place.

If Morgan cannot find the Spear before the Luminaries do, Camelot’s fragile peace will come hurtling down. And with it, King Arthur. Little does Morgan know that to succeed, she must face the darkest power that lurks within her.

In this riveting conclusion to the Le Fay series, Morgan is at her most powerful—and takes her place as an unforgettable heroine.

Hope you're excited for the book! Stay tuned for the cover reveal this week and also for the first chapter preview!


Friday, December 1, 2017

Le Fay Series - Fan Art Showcase: Morgan and Arthur - SWORD

Happy Friday, everyone! I thought I'd share this beautiful piece of work inspired by the Le Fay series created by palespring:

It truly reminds me of SWORD!

Palespring also wrote a nice review of HENGE here.

"Henge promises lots of mysteries and action. The most interesting thing is that the story goes deeper in every page and you realize that Lovejoy’s world is more complex and full of history than you thought it would be. The book surprised me in a good way!" --palespring

Huge thanks to all readers who share their thoughts on the series with me! It's very encouraging. 



Thursday, November 30, 2017

SPEAR - Winter 2017

Get ready for more ice magic this winter! SPEAR (Le Fay series, book 4) ebook version is schedule to be released this December before the holidays!

I will keep you informed on the paperback's release date, which will occur this winter, though it may not necessarily be ready for the holidays due to the amount of time it takes to review the proof. ETA is January at the latest. 


-New mystical location!

-New Royal Relic!

-Watch out for the villain!

-More characters get spotlight time: Merlin, Arthur, Guinevere, Lancelot, Elaine, Tristan, Isolde.

-Epic battle!

-More magic than all previous books!

-Characters are a bit older for the last book so you will get to see how they've grown. 

-Will Morgan and Merlin speak to each other again?


Hope you'll see Morgan finish her journey this winter!


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

News Week - 11/28/17

This November has been a busy month! I went to Kauai before the week of Thanksgiving for a short trip. 

I almost made it to my fifth travel destination (within the past couple months) but succumbed to a cold.

Other than travel, there's a lot of projects going on! 

  --Update on SWORD audiobook -- I've decided to release this in Jan/Feb to accommodate SPEAR's release schedule. 

  --All book sales from Thanksgiving week and weekend went to Holiday Stockings for Homeless Children. Thanks to everyone who purchased a book!

  --I just got done filming my first short film on Sunday with a great crew! Post to follow.

  --More posts for SPEAR this week and all of December. Stay tuned!

Thank you,


Thursday, November 2, 2017

Le Fay Series - Book Four Title Reveal!

Did you guys guess the fourth book's title right? I've been naming each book after an Arthurian relic with a five-letter word and that trend continues for the finale!

As it so happens, there's another Arthurian relic that is very powerful and not as famous as the Grail and Excalibur. When I designed all four main Royal Relics, I knew one would be the most powerful and that I would save it for the last book. 

Here's the title of the final book in the Le Fay series!

Spear -- Inspired by the mystical lance used in Arthurian tales that's been associated with the Spear of Destiny.

I'm looking forward to sharing the release date for winter plus cover reveal!


Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Le Fay Series - Book 4 Promo Starting

Starting tomorrow, I'll be talking about the last book in the Le Fay series! I can hardly believe this time has come. I hope you're all caught up with the last three books!

As a reminder, GRAIL is now available as paperback:

The first book HENGE is available as an audiobook as well, with the second book SWORD coming out this November! Isla has done an amazing job with the narration yet again.

Tomorrow I'm revealing the title of Book 4. Can you guess what it is? It's five letters and it's another relic. 

When I finished writing the last book in the series it was like...

Stay tuned!


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Le Fay Series - Happy Halloween 2017!

Happy Halloween! Halloween snuck up on me this year. We celebrated the Halloween weekend by going to see The Barber of Seville at the Seattle Opera. It's a fun, lively opera and the singer for Figaro, Will Liverman, was truly talented!

I also carved a pumpkin, made pumpkin pie, and dinner of brined bone-in pork chops with a side of apple cider jam, and pumpkin macaroni. It was a success!

I made you a Halloween card using an illustration from GRAIL, which contains plenty of spooky scenes:

I have doodled the Le Fay characters in Halloween costumes each year and this will probably be the last ones for Halloween since the series will be wrapped up by next October. So this time, you'll get two doodles!

Lancelot dressed as a knight:

Guinevere dressed as a medieval queen:

More news on the 4th book coming your way Thursday!


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

News Week - 10/24/17

It's been a busy autumn of traveling so far. After getting back from Japan, I went to Whistler, and then the next week, I was off to the east coast for my cousin's wedding. My husband and I stopped by New York to see the opera Turandot at the MET. I've been wanting to see it forever and it was truly the most spectacular set I've ever seen. I loved every minute of it. 

Photo of outside the MET. This fountain always reminds me of the movie, Moonstruck:

One of my new novels is set in NY for part of it, so it was also great to take setting notes: 

The following day, we flew into Boston:

From Boston, we drove to New Hampshire, near White Mountain, for the wedding. It was a gorgeous fall wedding by the lakeside forest! I'm so happy for my cousin! 

Me and my brother at our cousin's wedding:

Next month, I also have a couple more travels coming up. Phew!

What's going on with books? 

  --The fourth Le Fay book is due this winter. It's currently going through a line edit and will soon go to copy edit. I will be announcing the title next week. Can you guess what it'll be? Henge, Sword, Grail, and... (?) Hint: It's another five-letter word title. If you guess right, I'll send you a present. (Offer ends after someones guesses right and/or title is announced obviously.)

  --The audiobook version of SWORD will be out soon.

  --I am putting a new novel on submission this winter! 

Stay tuned for a lot of updates this autumn and winter!


Monday, October 9, 2017

Le Fay Series - Research Travel: Dinas Bran

Today I'm sharing photos of Castell Dinas Bran (name means crow castle) that I took during my trip to Wales. (Part of the 2013 research travel!) In GRAIL, I feature a castle named Corbenic. This castle was based on the ancient castle Dinas Bran, which according to some sources, may be a candidate for Corbenic if such a thing existed. Dinas Bran was our first stop on our epic road trip.

As soon as I got out of the car and saw the sprawling landscape I was instantly hit with a sense of wonder. Hiking up to Dinas Bran was one of the highlights of the entire trip! It wasn't touristy so it made it all the more special. We were alone for the most part for the hike portion. It did feel like I was back in time on some kind of journey.

For Corbenic in GRAIL, I made it more of a dark place, but took a lot of inspiration from the unique stone structures. (As you'll see Dinas Bran is a rather cheery looking place for the castle of crows!)

Afterwards, we wanted to go to Snowdonia (Merlin's hometown area), but didn't have time. It was still nice to get a sense of his home area and where he came from. We stayed at a rustic inn and ate Welsh food in the pub downstairs that was built with stone and lit up with candles--very cool atmosphere! I had locally made Black Dragon Cider which was delicious.

Now, onto photos!

Dinas Bran seen from the bottom of the mountain:

I loved these amazing stone structures!


The view of the Welsh countryside was amazing!

Here's the crow!

Sheep surround the hills of Dinas Bran:

Stay tuned for more photos! The rest will be shared with the release of the 4th book, coming out in a few months. Details to follow.


Monday, October 2, 2017

Trip - Japan 2017 - Tokyo, Nagano, Kyoto

After a long vacation, I am back! I went to Japan and visited Tokyo, Nagano, and Kyoto. It was nice to see my second home country, especially since it's been too long since my last visit. Today I'm sharing my favorite photos from the trip. 

Tokyo! I love the high energy city. I got more inspiration for Novel 10 in Tokyo, which takes place in an urban environment.

Hyatt -- Where Lost In Translation was filmed:

Next up... Nagano area where I grew up during some of my childhood years. I accumulated more ideas for Novel 6 here, since Novel 6 takes place in a more natural setting.

Matsumoto Castle is the oldest castle in Japan and I used to live close to it at one point: 

I recall monkeys in the backyard when I lived in the mountains during my really early childhood, but have never seen one so close!

Kanaguya -- said to be a source of inspiration for the film Spirited Away! One of my favorite movies. I loved this hot spring town. I wish I could have a hot spring in my house.

Kyoto! My first time going. Dressing up in kimono was fun and the temples were stunning!

Matcha and hojicha parfait!

While in Japan I got super inspired for Novel 11 (which has nothing to do with Japan) and when I got home, I went on a writing binge and now it's completed! Super excited to see where this novel goes. 

I hope you guys liked the photos! I'm back to work so you can expect more updates from me on the Le Fay series.