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News Week - 4/16/17

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I got to see some cool art stuff this weekend.

First, I went to Etsuko Ichikawa's Vitrified exhibit, featuring uranium themed artwork:

The glass orbs made with uranium glass were very mesmerizing to look at in person. The green parts looked like they were glowing brightly. It's a great exhibit to go to if you're looking for some dystopian inspiration.

After that, we saw Emergence. The ballet inspired by hive mentality. Some really nice new works showed before it: Little Mortal Jump, and Raku. Raku reminded me of a Kurosawa film so I really enjoyed the music and visuals. 

I'm constantly amazed by all the talented artists in the world. Lately I've been looking through my collection of graphic novels, admiring the line work done with real ink. This spring, I'm dreaming of creating more visual stories.


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