Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trip - Leavenworth and Winthrop

Have you guys heard of the Carlton Fire Complex? It's supposedly the biggest fire ever in Washington. Joey and I happened to go near it twice this summer.

First, we went to Leavenworth for our friend's wedding. It smelled like a campfire there and the mountains were covered in smoke. 

 Smoke in the mountains:

Our stay in the cabin was nice, though:

Thunder, rain, sunshine, and epic twilight during the wedding:

The weekend after, Joey and I had to travel to Winthrop to check out a wedding venue for our own wedding. 

Mountains during the drive:

Once we passed the Cascades, it got very smoky:

 I felt like I was on an alien planet. The midday sun was sunset-colored (this photo has not been altered with filters or contrast):

Ashes were falling from the sky:

At night, I forgot one of my bags in the car so I had to step out into the night to retrieve it. My jaw dropped when I look at the near-full super moon... which was bright red from the forest fire effect (photo has not been altered with filters or contrast):

I watched the moon for several minutes, totally entranced:

I'll never forget that moon.

Enjoy the last of summer everyone! Hope every moment is beautiful. 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Photos - Japanese Summer Festival

This summer, I went to two Japanese festivals. The first one I went to is the Bon Festival, which featured taiko drumming, street food, and dancing.

Dressed up dancers:

My kimono that I got in Harajuku:

Kirin beer and snacks:

The next festival was Natsu Matsuri--Japanese Summer Festival. I miss going to these things in Japan. I love walking around and eating food while looking around at the lanterns and fireworks. Traditionally, there are many games to play such as the goldfish game. They had one in Seattle! There were only kids playing the game but I had to join in. I wanted a goldfish!

Me trying hard to catch a fish:

Got one! Fwahaha.

My cat meets the new fish:

His name is Fisher King. And he has his own castle. 

I hope you've had a chance to enjoy summer festivals as well this year! Coming up next, photos from my Leavenworth and Winthrop trip! 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

HENGE - Flap Copy

Hello, everyone! I now have the official flap copy for Henge! As I said before, I've kept this story a secret for three years so I'm very happy to finally share details with you. The book feels all the more real now that I am able to talk about it. I hope you'll like the sound of this new series, LE FAY. As always, feel free to share your thoughts! 

Story description is below!



Coming up next... the cover reveal!


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Book - Title Reveal

A couple of weeks ago I hinted at my upcoming YA fantasy book. Today I am unveiling the title!

*drum roll*

The title reveals some story hints! Please stay tuned for more information and the official flap copy, which will contain the book description. I hope you'll like HENGE, the first book in the Le Fay series!


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Book 2014

Today I am hinting at an upcoming book! I just got the line edits back for it and am preparing it for copy. After keeping the book a secret for three years, I am excited to finally reveal more information. Perhaps you could guess what it is?

Since the planned release is for fall of this year, I've been very busy drawing and editing. Below, check out the hints! 

--It's a YA Fantasy.

--It's a part of a series

--The protagonist is a female.

--There's a little magic.

--It's inspired by a popular legend.

--The main character in this book is often portrayed as a villain.

--It has something to do with my trip to England.

--Though it's quite different from CLAN, it has the same storytelling style with darkness and twists

--It's coming out Fall 2014!!!!

(The image is not the cover.)

I am really, really excited to share this book with you guys. 

Coming soon... the title reveal! 


Monday, July 7, 2014

New Book - Author Photo

New author photo for my new book! My fiance Joseph Pedersen took this shot. I am already redecorating my blog to prepare for the next round of promotions. Having only put out one book so far, it feels surreal to shift gears for another one. I am going to show hints of the new book tomorrow!

Stay tuned for the new book reveal!


Thursday, July 3, 2014

CLAN - 4th of July Sale

Hello, everyone! CLAN is free from 07/03-07/05. Please spread the word and enjoy!

Also, next week, I am hinting at my new book... stay tuned! The new book is almost done with line edits and getting closer to being shared. You'll slowly start to see my blog decorations changing.


Monday, June 16, 2014

News Week - 06/16/14

Hello, everyone! Did you guys go to E3 or watch the show this year? A lot of interesting new things are happening in the game industry and I'm curious to see what the next decade of videogames is going to be like. I was very excited to see the game I'm working on being shown: Halo 5. It's a tremendous honor to create art for the iconic sci-fi world of Halo and to work alongside talented artists. 


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CLAN - Book Release Party Pt. 4

More photos from the CLAN book release party! These photos were taken by my talented childhood friend Morgan Lee Alain before the party began. She did an amazing job capturing the mood and style of the book.

If you like the photos, be sure to check out her stunning photography site! On the front page you'll see the logo I designed for her, too! Morgan also has an Instagram page full of beautiful images.

Hope you enjoy!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Author Reading - Gillian Flynn

Last week I went to Gillian Flynn's talk. She is the author of GONE GIRL, DARK PLACES, and SHARP OBJECTS. She specializes in dark psychological thrillers. Gillian was very sweet, humble, down to Earth, and funny. She read us the "cool girl" passage from Gone Girl which was brilliant. 

Gillian's writing process:

-She only loosely outlines and lets the story discover itself as she writes. 

-When writing Gone Girl, she didn't expect the "twist" in the middle. 

-She likes to keep her novels character driven rather than plot driven. The characters create the plot for her. 

-Her office is her basement. She makes notes on sticky pads and puts them on walls to remind her which parts of the story to solve. 

-Whenever she's stuck, she does a writing exercise that is outside of her novel. For instance, a character's memory or writing from a different perspective. Her rule is that these exercises don't go into the final novel (to take the pressure off)--but one of them did make it into Gone Girl since she liked it so much. The infamous "cool girl" passage is from the exercise. 

-Gone Girl was her most difficult project and she spent two years working on it.

-She details her characters outside of the novel as much as possible, such as what they eat for breakfast and if they remember birthdays and what's on their playlist. 

-She enjoys the revision process best, identifying the weak areas and making the story better. 

-She got to write the script for the Gone Girl movie. 

I hope you enjoyed learning some of her writing techniques! I'm looking forward to seeing what the movie is going to be like.