Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CLAN - Cartoony Art

During the summer I practiced drawing in cartoony style. You're probably used to seeing more of my dark serious art, so this will be something different. I chose my CLAN characters to draw...and today, I will show them to you!

Six years ago, I wrote down three names on a piece of paper: Twain, Buster, Chad. The three names created a strange electricity with each other. I knew, without having written CLAN yet--that these three were going to be the main characters. 

So here's a quick intro to the three!

TWAIN (numbered 1672) is the main character. He was illegally created to be different from his fellow brethren. His creator hid him for most of Twain's young life. Growing up sheltered, he is naive at times and apprehensive, very analytical, observant, and contemplative. He is the most level-headed of the three characters. Having studied in isolation, Twain is smart and talented with computers. He will never judge you without understanding you first. If there's a mystery, Twain will find the answers. Above all else, Twain is pure and transparent--a quality that wins Buster and Chad's trust.

BUSTER (numbered 1249) is Twain's first friend. Buster believes in individualism and the idea of "narcissism" doesn't seem to bother him. He loves to ride on his airboard. Buster is the most dynamic and loudest of the three main characters. He talks a lot, has a lot of opinions, has a lot of things to do, and wants to shake things up. He is idealistic and aspires to help other Clans who are in trouble. He has a strong sense of justice--though he has a tendency to twist justice to suit himself. He is warm, outgoing, and friendly. However, Buster is not all what he seems to be—he has secrets and a dark side that he keeps hidden—and this side will only show when you least expect it.

 CHAD (numbered 1348) starts out as Twain's bully. Chad is the most conservative of the three main characters and can be pretty stubborn and narrow-minded. He is "narci-phobic" and hates anything out of the ordinary. He wants to be a perfect Clan; perfectly Unified. But there's a passionate spark in him that causes him to not quite fit in with his sterile clones. This causes him to be grumpy most of the time. However, Chad has the biggest heart and will be the first to help his friend. He is short-tempered, emotional, sensitive, and brutally honest—he will never tell a lie. If you're lucky enough to win his love and loyalty...he will protect you till the end of time. 

I hope you enjoyed my drawings and the character bios! It is my hope that readers of CLAN will love these boys as much as I do. 


Monday, January 27, 2014

News Week - 01/27/14

This week starts with two reviews!

"I think the world building is fantastic but I also feel that the actual story is unique. It takes so many unexpected turns and has layers to it that is unusual in books today."
--Gin's Book Notes and Design

"By the ending i was so excited and nervous and surprised. It was not what I was anticipating at all! i love it when a book is able to end completely different than you expect and does it well. Clan does this and more. It is a solid addition to science fiction novels."
--Ashleigh Swerdfeger 

On Wednesday I am posting pics of mini Clans that I drew! Hope you'll like 'em!



Wednesday, January 22, 2014

CLAN - Book Release Party Pt.3 - Cocktails!

Clan-themed cocktails!!!! I was excited to come up with these for the party. I hope you'll try 'em out--they came out tasty and visually interesting. (The drink will make more sense if you've read the CLAN book.)

Introducing... The Incubation Tank! If you've read the book, you know the Incubation Tank is bubbly and blue.

Splash a little curaƧao into a champagne glass, add a little sugar, squeeze in lemon juice, pour in champagne, then top with lychee juice. Garnish with lychee and voila! The Incubation Tank:

This one was everyone's favorite. It tastes super refreshing. The Y-Chromosome! As you may know, Clans are an all-male society. I the heck do they survive without women? Drink a lot of Y-Chromosomes, I guess.

How did I make that Y-Shaped gummy candy? Well, it was a pain. I bought a giant, raspberry gummy bear and cut it all up to make that shape. Actually, my little brother did most of the cutting the night before the party. He's so nice. 

Splash in Hypnotique generously. Add a shot of gin, fill with tonic. Yum!!!

Look at this fellow. So handsome:

Next... The Hexagonal!

This was favored by the crowd who likes bourbon. It's a splash of cream soda mixed with bourbon. The garnish is honeycomb! It adds sweetness, plus represents the ever-present hexagons in Clan.

The three studs together: 

This was the menu at the party:

I hope you guys try out the cocktails! If you do, let me know what you think.


Monday, January 20, 2014

News Week - 01/20/14

Wow, half-point of January already? CLAN has been out for two months now. I hope you enjoyed the New Year Sale and giveaway!


  --Book Lovin' Hippo reviews CLAN! A great summary--I hope you'll check it out! 

Imagine everyone around you is exactly the same as you- a complete carbon copy.
Imagine a world where you have a number but no name, you are simply Clan 5679.
Imagine a world where you are told what you will “become”- you do not have a choice as to whether you will be a carpenter or a nurse."
--Book Lovin' Hippo

  --Loving the Language of Literacy reviews CLAN! She provides a very in-depth review and weaves in quotes from the book.

"My favorite part about about Clan is that the characters are linked individuals. They are supposed to basically be a Utopian society, the fact that they're all the same having nothing to do with it. There are over six THOUSAND clans on their so called "home planet". Each and every one, except for Father Krume and a few other superiors, is the same. They look the same, they act the same, they are the same. Their biggest point in society is unity, being the same, working as a cohesive unit.
--Sofia Li, Loving the Language Literacy 

Author Visit:

  --Interested in asking me questions? Well, I will be on a live chat this Saturday along with other authors on ReadOn! I hope you'll tune in. It's my first virtual author visit. 

EDIT: Live Chat is cancelled! Will be rescheduled later.


  --On Wednesday I will be posting part three of CLAN party pics...the cocktails! I'm really excited about this one so I hope you'll check out what I concocted for the party.



Thursday, January 16, 2014

CLAN - Book Release Party Pt.2 - Accessories

Accessories I wore for the CLAN book release party:

As soon as I saw this ring, I thought it was very sci-fi and CLAN. Robotic ring with a computer piece inside from paolamirai--be sure to check out the site! They have a bunch of neat sci-fi jewelry:

I was surprised how many people noticed I was wearing clones. Clone necklace I put together:

Hexagon earrings--hexagons are what the Clans use in their architecture because it is the most space-saving shape:

Clan pin (can be won in giveaways)! The Clans wear this symbol which represents the Y-chromosome and the meaning of cloning, which was first conveyed long ago by breaking a branch:

My Clan-themed nails (white nail polish with an overcoat of blue hexagons):

I wore a white dress to match the CLAN uniform.

Don't forget...CLAN New Year Sale ends Sunday night!


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

CLAN - New Year Sale + Giveaway

To celebrate the new year, I am discounting CLAN all this week until Sunday night! CLAN eBook is 99 cents (was $3.99) and the paperback is under $8.51 (was $9.50). Please take advantage of this sale and spread the word.

Here's the giveaway item...a CLAN calendar to start your year with! Each month features an illustration from the paperback. The calendar comes with your choice of either an eBook or a paperback. Further more, this calendar will likely only be created once. This giveaway is for US residents only.

Enter giveaway below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck and happy sale!


Monday, January 13, 2014

News Week - 01/13/14

This week starts off with new reviews and a big sale!


  --Check out Paula's It's a Book Thing! I was very excited when I saw this review and am so honored that CLAN is now one of Paula's favorite books. 

"This turned out to be one of the best book that I’ve read. It’s original, refreshing and fast-paced! It kept me on the edge of my seat and found myself screaming on it’s twists and turns!"
--Paula's It's a Book Thing!

"The plot was also exciting. I had no idea where it was going. There were constant twists, tension and surprise."
--Breezy Reads

  --I'm a Voracious Reader also reviews CLAN!

"Whoa. This is a pretty good sci-fi dystopian about clones and how, no matter what kind of Rules or Laws there are, a human being is a complex organism."
--I'm a Voracious Reader


  --Book blogger Candace interviews me on her blog about indie publishing! I hope you guys will check it out if you're curious about my experience with it thus far. 


  --CLAN New Year Sale has begun!! CLAN ebook is discounted to 99 cents and the paperback under $8.50 until next Monday! Please enjoy the discount while it's on. I am doing a sale kick-off giveaway tomorrow.


  --Hope you guys got to check out part one of CLAN Book Release Party pics last week! My awesome coworker Derrick also gave me permission to post his photos, which I've added.

  --Thursday I am posting CLAN accessories! 

To everyone who's been taking the time to review CLAN...Thank you so much! It's truly the most helpful thing you can do for an author and it's highly appreciated. Getting feedback is always good and I still get wibbly happy feelings when a reader gets CLAN and it's honestly been the most rewarding part of publishing CLAN.

Happy Sales Week!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

CLAN - Book Release Party Pt.1

Here are the pics from the CLAN Book Release Party in Seattle. This is part one because my best friend Morgan--a photographer--is still working on her batch of photos. You'll have to put up with my pixelated photos for now. :) 

Edit: My awesome coworker Derrick (a talented photographer) gave me permission to post his photos from the party--so now there's more!:

Below are my (pixelated) photos--The table full of free goods:

Closeup...see the Clan buttons and the postcards of the Five Values:

Projector image--we had the trailer streaming on silent:


 Me and my best friend:

One of the drinks at the party that I created...called the Y-Chromosome. I'll post the party drinks later:

Clones cookies and hexagon crackers:

It was very nice to have my friends and family at the party! It was so fun that it was all a fast-motion blur. I got an amazing amount of support setting everything up--thank you everyone! It's a night I will always remember.


Monday, January 6, 2014

News Week - 01/06/14

I hope you're having a good start to 2014! Here are a few updates for the new year:

  --One day left to enter CLAN's Blog Tour Giveaway! Don't miss your chance to win copies of the book. You can see past tour links here.

  --CLAN art gallery has been updated with illustrations from the paperback. (One which you can win in the giveaway!) Hopefully, I'll have prints up for sale soon. Gotta favorite illustration from the book? Let me know! 

  --If you haven't checked out the reviews yet, you can take a look on Amazon and Goodreads.

Next up, I'm posting pics from the CLAN party on Thursday!



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year! I am excited to begin a new year--a year that I hope will be full of creativity, appreciation, and dazzle.

One of my goals is to release my second novel for 2014!

For NYE, Joey and I went to the Midnight Masquerade. A lot of dancing was had.




Year of the Horse:

I'm looking forward to sharing more stories and art with you!